Sunday, December 13, 2009

the hidden agenda thing

Why is it some people think they only way to spread their own agenda or messages is by posting comments that are intentionally deceptive? Today I got a comment on the Free Meat post by an anonymous commenter with a link to a website saying it was a link to free meat. Thank you anonymous from Madison, Wisconsin but I check links people post in comments. The page was a PETA anti-meat site.
I am a meat eater! I will continue to be a meat eater too! There's an old joke that goes.... Native American translation for vegetarian is "bad hunter". Now, I'm not knocking folks that choose to be vegetarians but I'm not, nor will I ever choose to only eat veges. I like chicken, pork, beef, DEER, sheep, bison, elk and a few various wierd meats as well. I am a hunter and I like it. While I do not condone the inhumane treatment animals may endure either on the way to the slaughterhouse or during their stay there, I will not stop eating meat. What I have chosen to do about it is raise my own critters for consumption.
I treat my critters well and they probably eat better than I do. Every critter I have even butchered had a name, was loved, was well tended and, was butchered in the most humane way I possibly could. I am also content in the knowledge that I am consuming chemical, steroid and antibiotic free meats.
So, don't let the opinios of others dissuade you from raising your own critters for the dinner table or going out and killing yourself a deer. There's nothing wrong with eating meat, I do it every day and I'm still alive........


  1. Most of those vegetarians were not raised so...and I have rarely seen a vegetarian raised on a farm. The only meat they were familiar with (before becoming vegetarians) was packaged in Styrofoam and shrink wrapped in plastic. They have never had to butcher the lamb they bottle raised...taking it behind the barn while he head butts your hand playfully....but you know that his butchered out carcass will provide meat for your children. They never tracked a deer for 4 hours in 20 degree weather, knowing that if you did not get that deer, your freezer would be bare. They never had to *invest* a part of themselves into raising or hunting their own food (rarely even their vegetables). Because of that, they have no real respect for animals, the land or the people that do farm and raise livestock.
    They eat at *organic, vegan* restaurants and shop at Whole Foods and pat them selves on the back for being "environmentally conscious" while using enough electronics in their home to power a small village in Africa.
    Sorry, getting on a rant here, but I used to live in a town that was FULL of vegans and the socially/environmentally conscious--all of which meant they wanted EVERYONE to live like them and wanted the government to make it so...GAH!

  2. Although I haven't gotten any comments like that, yet, I agree with you. It's funny how "they" don't like being pushed or preached to, yet "they" do a good job of it themselves. I say, don't eat meat, I don't care. You're missing vital trace minerals and vitamins found only in meat. Farm fresh, that is. We just had some T-bones last night from our own chemical free, un adulterated, hormoneless bovine ourselves. And it was delicious. Thanks for the post.

  3. My gram taught me what her gram taught her , You give thanks to the spirit of the animals you eat , for they have given their life to you out of love , and they have served their role in life itsself. I think people forget that.

    Animals and plants have their purposes in life , just as we do , and we need respect them , but letting them die of old age would be disrespectful (at least that is what gram told me).

    She always said the reason our food tasted so good was because it was loving us back for all the love we gave it. I do swear knowing an animal makes it taste better by far.

    *ack !! There I go being drolling , sorry*

  4. LOL, thanks you guys, I feel the same way. It's always those types of consumer immersed fools that think they know better than those of us that actually practice conservation, truly love the Earth that feeds us and love and care for the critters we eat. And, don't feel alone, when I speak of my pet Copper the sheep, i drool too, thinking about the yummy gyros he's gonna make!

  5. Wonderfuly said by all of you, Nothin more I can add but a big AMEN!

  6. exactly Katidids! LMAO My PETA pal spent 4 hours, 13 minutes and 18 seconds sitting on that same page, trying to post a link to their PETA website. At least they're leaving some other poor soul alone while they're wasting time here! Too bad they don't spend that time doing something constuctive like practicing what they preach, growing a garden or trying to save some poor animal from a pitiful death in a slaughterhouse. How come those types never want to pull up in the driveway and preach to my face????? I could use the entertainment when I'm butchering....

  7. Amen from another meat eater! Another important point is that we'd be OVER-RUN by animals if they weren't hunted or slaughtered for meat! Then they'd starve to death, which is a whole lot crueler. Of course, PETA handles that by murdering them and throwing them in dumpsters themselves. (That's been proven but ignored by most PETA supporters.) They even do it to 'pets' because they really think that nobody should own an animal ever. Their thinking doesn't make sense, but they can't see it!

  8. Years ago when I worked at a gun shop, we got an angry letter in the mail from a PETA member. She thought it was horrible that our shop was listed in the phone book under "sporting goods", and wrote 2 pages on how hunting wasn't a sport. Yanno, the typical "its barbaric, unnecessary, blah blah, blah. Well....miss not to bright was dumb enough to put a return address on the envelope. I have no idea how,but somehow she got a rather large anonymous box of deer jerky delivered to her house. I can't imagine why she never wrote back, lol.

    If you want to see the whole other side of PETA, look for the episode of them on Penn & Tellers BULLSHIT cable show. It's well worth the time to watch. It's quite the eye-opener for those who don't know what PETA does behind the scenes.

  9. All ya gotta do is look at the teeth of humans to know that God did not intend for us to be grazers.

  10. Thank you for stating the best post I've seen in a long time about "eating meat"!

    I agree with your view point and those of the other posters...but then I usually do.

    You speak for a lot of us!


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