Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Soap Day

Since it's been an icky day with spitting sleet and light rain, I decided I'd do something half way constructive today and make a batch of soap.

It's the same simple recipe I always use, all oils that are readily available at any grocery store, cows milk and Red Devil brand granulated lye.
One batch of soap making gives me enough soap to last the family roughly 10 months, all from oils one normally keeps in the pantry. My soap mold is just a piece of 4" pvc pipe with a plastic cap on the end. The pvc makes it easy to set the soap for the sweat and is tough enough to use over and over again.
Just another one of those little things that helps to keep us self sustained and healthy. This soap makes your skin super soft and has none of the chemicals or ground pumice commercial soaps contain and the option to have it fragrance free. Just can't beat that, eh?


  1. Soap was my November "thing" to learn & I fell short. Plan to do this in Jan. Would you be willing to share you recipe?

  2. I used to make soap, but haven't in ages, due to moving around and such. I used to LOVE my home-made soaps.I used essential oils, spices (such as cinnamon) and herbs in mine. I got so far into making soap, that at one time, I made my own lye water. (Didn't hurt that I had a wood stove! Save them hard wood ashes, baby!)
    Do you ever add oatmeal or other things for anti-itch soaps (for mosquito bites and such)?

  3. Hello Katidids, I'll edit the post to add a link to the recipe.

    LOL Pricilla, funny you should mention that! Nanny goat is due in Feb!

    Lamb, I'm not fond of the oatmeal but I love lavender and vanilla oils. The unscented works darn good for chigger bites and mites.

  4. Beautiful !! I love the PVC , I had not thought of that.

  5. Thanks HH, the pvc works great, no over spill and if you put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes or so, the soap pushes right out of it.

  6. Thanks for the recipe - I am one of those adult acne/rosacea sufferers who responds by breaking out and turning bright red whenever any new prescription is tried. I hope to spare my kids the hassle and discomfort should they have the same trouble by keeping it simple. Clay and epsom salt work well, but the cleansing part has always been a little dicey. I'll let you know how it works here....thanks again.

  7. Please do cottage child, I'm interested to know who it works for you. alos, if you need help as you make it, be sure and email me or message me via yahoo messanger.


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