Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday

Hello everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving was pleasant! With the holiday comes black Friday and a miriad of goofy people standing around in 32 degree night time temperatures to be the first ones in Walmart for all the great deals on crap made in China. I know this should not surprise me but it still does, every time. I am soooo glad I'm not like that!

Living off your land is a lost art form it seems. That's such a shame. I fed my neighbors today because they just aren't very thrifty. They are severely underemployed, living in a run down rent trailer with 2 kids and they're hungry. They asked if the could have food off my farm on credit, I just gave it to them and even baked them some bread. They've lived near me for a year now and had plenty of room to grow themselves some food but simply chose not to bother. Now they are hungry. I fear all of us will be seeing this same situation more and more all over. How will we handle it all? I don't know.....

I am already gearing up for the next planting season with a couple new items for the gardens and replacements for the damaged trees in the orchard. This could be a long winter for all of us.


  1. I watched the news last night of all those crazy people camping out on the stores sidewalks. I'm sorry... you won't ever see me out there like that.

    When you talked about your neighbors it did make me sad. I will admit that last summer my garden was a flop but I do try to do a lot of things from scratch. It amazes me to see others that could but just don't want to take the time. Hopefully next summer we will do better if the landlord doesn't push us out. He keeps hinting at us finding another place.

    Take Care,

  2. We've done the dame for a few. I don't mind helping soome one struggling but, we gave one lady a whole chicken from our freezer (with info to cook to get 5 meals) she gave it back saying she only eats chicken breast! She wanted us to buy them for her!

  3. Thank you for giving those folks some food. Do you think if someone tilled them a garden, they would plant and harvest? Do they know HOW to garden? Some people just don't have a clue. God bless.

  4. Wow! What a sad situation...a family that lives down the road from the self-sufficiency queen, and they had to ask for food. If they were smart, they'd be shadowing you to find out how to do what you do! And Katidids comment about chicken breasts! Oh my goodness! What sad ignorance! I guess this is what we'll be up against when tshtf, eh? Very sad.

  5. I know it you guys, there's people out there that just are not mentally capable of doing things for themselves. Katydids, I've seen that before in the form of trying to give people food instead of money whenthey claim to be hungry. In reality, all they really want is drug or booze money. If they want to be "that picky" then they deserve to be hungry. I have never turned anyone away from a hot meal or anything from my garden. I constantly try to teach them how to do it for themselves but it's all a waste of time.

  6. Instead of them getting food on credit... why not barter... food for them doing chores around your place. It might be a good thing for both of you. Just a thought

  7. I agree with Yart! If you made them do work for food theyd learn from you and then they might get the idea on how to go about raising their own food. Shoot if i was closer i do work for just the experience and to of course learn.

    Sometimes teaching is different from actually doing. I know with me its handson or i dont learn.

    As for people saying i dont eat this or that i say starve then. That is something i just dont understand unless you have an allergy to something there is no reason why some one to say something like that!


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