Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rabbit Day

I got woke up early this morning by a call from a neighbor asking for a little help. Worked out good, gave me a reason to pick up the home made rabbit hutch he'd given me a couple weeks ago. Hated to make a trip up the back roads for just a rabbit hutch. It's a decently sized, home made hutch with a kindle box built in so I put one of my bigger does in it for now. I know the picture isn't so great but it's the best of the 3 I took with the cell phone. I am so looking forward to the laptop being fixed! We're looking good on having the laptop going very soon so I can be back online at home instead of having to drive to the library. I hate being in town and it takes so much time I could be doing something else with.
Hey Gen, the hog is done! It was one a neighbor fed out, I just traded him out of it so I didn't have to feed the escape artist myself! LOL The hog is officially sausage. I ended up with around 150lbs. We should be good for the winter now. No wild hogs here in southern Illinois unless they are escaped farm hogs.
Not much else going on but grinding feed and baking bread today.


  1. Nothing like home made sausage! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

  2. My husband keeps talking about going in on a hog with a friend of ours. I think I need to tell him to make the call!


  3. Hey Hermit! Oh yah, even the smell of it, makes the whole house smell good. I just love it.

    Hey GC Grandma! LOL, you just can't go wrong with a farm fed hog, especially if you're not the one feeding it and cleaning up after it! A win-win situation, LOL.

  4. 150 lbs of sausage!! Wow! That's fabulous! Man, you're a worker bee! :-) Grinding wheat and baking bread sound like a great day! My electric grinder is an attachment to my kitchenaid, which has been out of commission. Just got it back today from the repair shop. I'm ready to grind again (getting a little tired of the non-electric mill. Did that for too long before I got the electric one!) Enjoy!

  5. Hey Gen! I've got a kitchenaid too. The big 325w one. I like that grinder attachment for the small grinding jobs. it seems like the unit heats up too much for the big jobs.

    My grain grinder is a diamant with stone burrs. I like it a bunch. Have it set up with a small electric motor wired with it's own solar. makes a big difference now compaired to hand grinding. i can get more than one thing done at a time now!


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