Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Productive Day

Today is the day we decided we were finally going to tackle some of the trees that are laying on the ground from our inland hurricane. We have at least 30 trees of varying sizes knocked down in our fence lines. We spent 7 hours with the chainsaw and have just 3/4 of one bigun cut up. I did a little log splitting with the good old 8lb maul while I was working on grinding some feed. Split some, grind some. I wasn't finished with the feed before it got dark so I spent some time reading the latest edition of Mother Earth News. I love this magazine as it always has something in it I can use in my sustainable farming adventure. This months issue(Dec/Jan) is a dandy and has recipes for no-knead healthy breads, a nice write up about solar panels, one about a DIY pole barn, another article on heirloom fruits and vegetables and here's the best article this issue....... drum roll please........ Grow $700 of food in 100sq feet! You do know how small of a space that is, right? The author used a 5x20 spot and, well, get yourself a copy of the new issue and read it, it's great!


  1. busy day, but productive. You have such a good and productive life, it must be very satisfying. I hope I get to that point...although, I'll keep my automatic splitter over your maul!

  2. Did you read Crazy Uncle's adventures w/his chain saw?? Check it out. I'm still a little queezy even thinking about it...

  3. LOL HP, I wish I had one myself, I'm getting kind of old to be splitting wood with a maul, LOL.

    Hey Queen! Yah, i saw that, he should be more careful! Hubby almost got himself yesterday too, he cut his pants, dont know how he missed his leg. I had the suture kit ready just in case tho. he takes way more risks than I do! Also, check out Mother Earth news, I forgot to mention the whole writeup in it about onions ;) I think we were smoked from all the rain this year........

  4. Its been a while since I've picked up that magazine. I need to start again. Sounds like a very productive day for you though. I am horrible at splitting wood. Just don't have the upper body strength for it.

    Hope you get to enjoy some of your Sunday,

  5. GM Debbie! Oh, you'll just love this issue. Worth a look for sure. I'm staring out the window at a huge pile hubby already cut for me this morning, looks like it might be a looong day ;)

  6. I agree that Mother Earth News is a great magazine. I read it "cover to cover" and there is always a lot of useful information and it is very well written. For $10 a year subscription - it can not be beat!


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