Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Momentarily Freaked Out

LOL, this morning started with a jolt to the system. like I do every morning while my coffee is brewing, I stare out the window into my barn lot and look at my critters. There's a critter missing! Hardly one you could miss, she's been laying in the middle of the barn doorway for the past 2 weeks but where is she???? She's gone, not in the barn doorway. So, with a hundred different thoughts running thru my head, I find my shoes and head out there in my pj's. She's either got up or crawled about 15' out of the barn and over by the pen I have that dump dog in. I don't know why she would do that, there isn't even a nibble of grass over there, but she did. Just couldn't see her from my viewing window! Now, of course, every critter out there knows I'm out there and the morning chorus begins. Goats bleating, horses nickering, chickens and ducks cackling, the dog barking....... "sigh" so I went ahead and did the morning chores in my pj's.
I finally got a cup of coffee tho it was around 25 minutes later than I intended. That's life!

I have no plans at all for around the farm today but I'm sure I'll find something to do and share it with you all in the morning.


  1. I think a recording of the morning noises would be great!

    Glad you found the missing critter!

  2. I am really interested in this calf now! She seems like a fighter! I'm glad you kept her....she'll probably turn out to be the sweetest thing around...all this pampering she's getin'! And, although my chores don't involve feeding livestock...I often get to my coffee really seems to throw me off for a bit! *sigh* We're all creatures of habit, aren't we!?

  3. She she's trying to move around! That's good news!

  4. Its good to hear that she's moving. Anxious to hear about your day in the morning.

    Take Care,

  5. Hey T Rex Mom! LOLs, a recording would give me nightmares! hahahaha When I get my puter fixed I'll have to check into making a recording of the morning chores, that would be kind of cool to post on the blog.

    Hey sunshyneshanny! Good to see you! I hope that cow turns sweet, this breed is kind of spooky to start with. Beefers are so different than milkers are. Yep, I am a big creature of habit and I'm seriously cranky without my coffee! Sometimes the world is much better off I get it late than not at all! LOL

    Hey Gen, hey GC Grandma! I so hope she gets up. She has to want to tho, I'm trying the best I can to help her. Maybe tomorrow....

  6. I can identify with your post, a head count is a necessary part of morning chores. I am continually surprised at what we will do for our critters (choring in pjs, going out into the night to check on something,being cold & wet, etc.). Sacrifice is a word that comes to mind, too often. You know you live on a farm when the animals get fed before we do. LOL! Part of mine delight is coming in after everyone is seen to, for that hot cup of coffee with my boots off. Enjoy yours!


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