Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missed it!

Of course, since I wanted to see the meteor shower, it had to rain all night! That is so disappointing. The day started overcast and drizzling but the sun has come out now. Moo cow made it thru the rain in good shape I think, and all looks good around the barn lot.

Oh! When I tended that English Game Cock yesterday, the bugger escaped on me and then spurred my leg! Got me front and back, drew blood. Normally I'd squash a flogging rooster instantly but this feller can't help it. He was bred to be aggressive and he just can't help it. Of course he ran right out into the barn lot and jumped on the first roo he saw which happened to be my little Seabright. He didn't get a chance to do any damage tho, I trapped him quick with a manure fork and put him back in his pen. Now I've got a nice bruise on my shin from that goofy rooster with a matching spot in the middle of my calf muscle. Ah, the joys of farm life!

Hey Gen! Yep, I only got a couple eggs compared to normal. Not sure what happened, it's possible that the chickens have chosen to lay in a new spot I just haven't found yet or the weather coming in contributed. They were all up to roost by 3pm and then there's the natural fact that chickens do not lay every day. Sunlight is a major factor along with the 26 to 28 hour laying thing. I'm sure I've have a pile of eggs today tho, the sun is back out!

The baby bunnies I've got right now got sold yesterday. They aren't ready to go yet but the guy paid me and said he'd wait to pick them up until they are. He also bought 4 banty roosters. Can't imagine what he'd want with 4 roos but it's his money, he can do what he wants with it. I'm pretty happy about it all and this man could turn into a regular rabbit customer from the way he talked. Might be a good thing!

Some more good news for the farm.... looks like hubby has a good line on employment. A little farther away than he wanted to go but we kind of need it right now. It looks like he should be heading to a new job by the end of next week. Good things always come to those who have the patience and fortitude to wait for it. I hope it works out the way it's supposed to....

I found a new book to read, it's a book on the older farming and farm living skills. The print is very small and I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses so I'm stumbling thru it the best I can right now. Maybe next week I can get a magnafying glass and I'll tell you all more about it then...... Now I must get off the library computer and get back to the farm, the bread won't bake itself! LOL


  1. I missed the meteor shower too! I woke up in time to see it, but fell back asleep before I could force myself to get up!
    Glad Moo made it through, bummer about the shin, great about having a new rabbit customer. I ended up with two roosters, can't imagine having 4...on purpose! lol

  2. Congrats on Hubby getting a job.... I know that takes a load off your mind. And selling all bunnies and roo's, that is wonderful as well! :o)

  3. We missed it as well in the sunny south? Hasn't been so sunny lately. Tell your customer if he has a hankering for some more roos to come down to Bama. I have more than I need and have 5 penned up on death row now. Extra time on their hands and a square meal a day has fattened them up nicely. Smile!Congrats on the sale of the babies. It is always nice to have sale in the hand before the time to sale.

  4. Dollar Store has been selling reading glasses in whatever magnification you need for $1. Cheap enough.


  5. I missed it here too! My only excuse is my memory because I was up early enough.

    I have been spurred by a rooster once or twice and I can relate. They can be sneaky little buggers!

    Take Care,

  6. Well, I hope your egg production goes up, at least for a bit! I only have 9 layers, so I only average 6 eggs a day. (2 layers are my original, 'grandmas', who are really more pet-like.)Yay for the sale of the roos and bunnies! Yay for a new job! Hope it all works out wonderfully!


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