Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little excitement around here

It's normally just kind of quiet around here but I'm not complaining, I like it that way. Nothing wrong with things going like they are expected to be. The animals are all doing well and the house is still standing, lol. I've just bee piddling around the farm, working on little things that I'm not happy with. I was giving the Moo cow a little attention, rubbing on her, giving her water and hay, working her legs for her when she stood up. Just stood up and stayed up. She walked in a circle and moved forward 4 or 5 steps and laid back down. I steadied her as best I could and notcied instantly where her problem is. All this time I thought it was her back legs but it's not. Her front ankles are stiff and she's walking on them. So, more cow therapy is in order to help her get back on her feet. I will work on getting her ankle muscles stretched back out so she can run and play like a young cow should do. I'm so excited( hard to tell when typing or reading) about her progress. Everyone around me has said that since she's been down so long, she'll never get back up. Well, I guess Moo is going to make farmer history then because she is getting back up! Go Moo!

I had a wild day with the chickens, I guess we have to be missing some eggs when we pick up each day because I found 48 eggs last night! I'm going to have to whip up a couple quiches and some pound cake or we'll never get all those eaten.

The countdown to getting the home computer fixed is coming to a close and boy, am I glad about that! I so can not tolerate nosey people at the library, they just can't mind their own business! Also, you get these kids sitting next to you that think they are computer guru's and constantly mumble and curse..... not to mention all the work I need to be getting done around the farm that I have to put on hold so I can go to the library. LOL, I so love being in public. Can you tell I miss my home computer??

Easy stuff happening around the farm today. I'll just be gridning a little chicken feed for the week, digging some potatoes from what's left of the patch out back, working on Moo, cleaning up more of the straw in the loft that the chickens have so graciously scattered for me(they peck the strings and break bales) and maybe a new bread recipe for supper. Nothing special for supper tonite, just a couple of pork butterflies from the hog I butchered.

The weather is still nice here so it will be an outdoor day and supper will be made on the grill over a fire tonite. Just can't beat a real wood smoke and flame pork chop!


  1. Awesome news on MOO! I'm excited for you both!

  2. Yeah for Moo! I can't stand public much any more, so I understand how important getting the computer fixed is, hope it happens soon for you.

  3. I was stuck for 2 months of library internet last year.
    Yuck. It was pretty horrible, I agree. Seemed I would ALWAYS end up next to some teen that was annoyed at my slow typing (why should the speed of my typing bother them?).
    I am brewing a cup of my special chai tea to celebrate Moo Cow's accomplishment! Let her know she has a whole cheering section!

  4. Yeah, right!? That's awesome about Moo! And, now that you know where to localize your treatment, she'll be up in no time! Any creature that has got that kind of perseverance should be helped...I'm happy you saw it that way too! As far as the eggs go, you could make some ice cream while you're at it? What a splendid problem to have ^_^

  5. Thats awesome about moo! Those porkchops sound perfect!

  6. Good to hear about, Moo & glad you'll be back regular on the interwebz soon. Miss ya.

  7. Yay for Moo!! She's a tough girl! Sounds like you were having a nice day. :-)

  8. Just wondering what do you grind up to make the feed for your chickens? I would love to supply mine with whole natural foods instead of the pellet program offered at the feed store. You are a on-going inspiration to me. Trying to be self-suficient on our farm as well. Have lots to learn, but willing to try.

  9. Thanks guys for all your support. Sunshyne-I do make ice cream from time to time but the pound cake keeps better ;)

    Deborah, I'll do a post on the chicken feed pretty quick and share what I feed them.


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