Monday, November 9, 2009

Lazy days

lazy days, yep, it seems that way lately. This past week has been absolutely gorgeous! 70 degess, mostly sunny, mild nights, not what one expects for November. It's overcast today tho, looks like a bit of rain might come this way. Now I have to figure out how to get that cow back in the barn. She's made it 20 or so feet out into the barn lot and she's grown a bit.

I've got a bucket all set up to transplant the mini bell peppers from the tub by the porch to the kitchen garden for the winter. Since the frost didn't kill it back and it's still flowering, I might as well save it. The peppers are sweet and spicey, a nice addition to just about everything I cook around here. I will give the plants a juice of rabbit poo as fertilizer and let them grow in the windows.

The Muscovy duck hatched a chick out yesterday, she still has 6 chicken eggs and 7 duck eggs under her. I'm not sure exactly how long the Rouen has still, she's just got duck eggs under her, all her own. So, we've got 7 more days before the ducklings start to hatch, 21 for chicks and 28 for ducks.

The bunnies have jumped out of the box and this is the size where they are so darn cute! I love playing with them. At this size, it's hard to imagine them as supper. I've got 3 does hopefully to kindle on the 24th as well.

I've been doing double duty with the cooking, more than one meal at a time going. I've got a sweet sauce simmering on the stove today for pizza sauce, a couple italian dishes and what's left will go with meatballs. A little of the pork mixed with some of the beef rolled up with my own little recipe. I made a couple batches of french bread so we could have garlic bread with our meals. I like the french bread better than the italian bread.

Hubby is still unemployed and we're starting to feel the squeeze just a little bit. I'm still sitting on a few projects that need finished before the bad weather comes along. Always thankful we had a decent harvest this year, plenty to eat!

It's time to start thinking about the coming holidays. I love this time of year... I need to make some soap and some cheese, get back after that quilt that's been sitiing folded up in the drawer for more than a year...


  1. Please let me know when youhave cheese ready! I would love to purchase some

  2. I am living vicariously through your posts ^_^! My family has a bit less than a year before we can start up our own self-sustained life...we're all counting down! Any great books you recommend? I've read ones from John Seymour, Carla Emory, Storey books...always looking for more info!! I've been making my own bread for a while and it is the best thing ever! My husband calls it manna from the domestic goddess!lol I'm excited to start making my own cheese and soaps as well....*sigh* for now, I'm just dreaming. Anywho...just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your posts...

  3. I soooo want rabbits...maybe in the spring (sighs)

  4. Muscovy ducks and cute bunnies have been on our to do list for quite some time. Loved this post!! I agree with Katidids and would LOVE to try the cheese... sigh. if only... :)

  5. Hello Katidids, it may be a while since I haven't found a good milk cow yet. It's harder than I thought finding one....

    Hello Sunshyneshanny! Good to see you! I love the Storey books myself, I also keep books on root cellaring, wine making, the bible of canning- the blue book, the Edible Container and a few more I'll share via a blog post when I get my computer back from the shop. I'm so pleased you like the blog!

    Hey Scifi! I got another bunny pic for ya, coming in my next blog post!

    Hello Lin Georgina Green! Glad you stopped in! I'd be lost without the ducks and the bunnies, they are such a joyful part of my farm. They are addictive tho, once you've got them, you can't give em up!


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