Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indian Summer maybe?

The days have been amazing lately, makes me think we've got a little bit of Indian Summer going on here. It's wierd to run around the farm in a t-shirt in November and all the trees are bare.

Yesterday turned into a pretty nice and easy day for me since I had nothing really planned. On the way home from the library I stopped at the gas station and picked up a couple gallons of whole milk. I used it to make up some ricotta cheese. it's about the only kind of cheese store bought milk is good for since being homogenized ruins it. I hit my food storage and whipped up some home made lasagna. I used my handy dandy Joy of Cooking book for the french bread recipe, whipped some of that up for garlic bread. I like the recipe a bunch since it doesn't call for sourdough, you just scald your milk and go. Fresh garlic pressed with the hand press for the bread and we had us a fine supper. LOL I am still tasting the garlic with my coffee this morning. Maybe I went a little overboard with it but it's just so darn good!

Moo cow is a real dandy, I think she's been trying to get up in the middle of the night. This morning she was turned back around and headed back toward the barn and on her other hip. That's good for me since now I don't have to strain myself trying to get her pushed over but now the hip I wanted to doctor this morning is down. She'll shift herslef again I hope and I'll get it doctored then. She's full of spunk and she's bright eyed, glad I didn't give up on her. She may get up yet!

Polar Bear is in the dog house(literally), she woke me up at 4:30 this morning to go out and when I let her back in, she peed the floor! Wouldn't have been so bad if it was on the tile but she peed the carpet, again. She's smarter than that, just being a turd I think. So, she's been outside all morning chasing the cats.

This warm weather has me thinking I might try and start a few more plants for the kitchen garden. Maybe a couple more pepper plants and a cucumber or 2 more. The tobacco plant I grew in the ice cream bucket is finally coming to seed. I hand pollinated all the flowers and almost every one has a seed pod. Should give me plenty of fresh seed for spring planting. Hubby is already eyeballing the leaves and I haven't even mentioned cutting it yet. he must be running low on his tobacco stash. He smokes too much anyway.

The coffee plants I started this past spring are looking pretty good. I'm thinking of seperating them into their own little pots. I've got my pop bottle pots all cleaned and sanitized, I just need to get a bucket of composted dirt in the house to warm up. It should be good to go after 3 days in the house, don't want to shock the roots with cold dirt. All 9 plants are doing pretty good, I look forward to their first flowering.

I'm also thinking hard about tearing out the kitchen cabinets and counter over in the corner of my kitchen. That space seems to be a catch all for every piece of junk the hubby and the son can get their hands on. I'm thinking about building a walk in pantry in that space. It will eliminate a clutter spot and be much more useful as a meaningfull storage spot. If I do it, I'll take pictures. I am seriously considering it.

I need to go check on my neighbor with Cancer today, he just had a chemo treatment yesterday and he might not be feeling too good. I'll stop in and see if he needs anything done around his farm. Until tomorrow.............


  1. We're enjoying some of that same warm weather here, too! It's wonderful! I love your kitchen idea! Go for it!!!!

  2. LOVE the kitchen idea! One of the *perks* of my job running (and living in) a rooming house is that I have a pantry! It has gobs of shelves and is about 5 foot by 5 foot. I can store a LOT in there! Don't know what I would do without it!


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