Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to the routine

Well, after some minor troubles and some aggravation, here I am, back online with a laptop I intend to give my college kid very soon. A bit of a bumpy ride but we made it.

Some sad news on the farm this morning, Moo cow gave up on me. This morning at sun-up, she wasn't with me any more. I was really surprised, I thought she was doing so well. guess I was wrong because she passed sometime in the night.

Today is the day I had written down on the calendar to put nesting boxes in with rabbits. With that done, I hope to see some new baby bunnies by the holiday. The weather has turned a bit cooler than it's been, hope that doesn't throw the momma bunnies off track.

Now that we're in a bit of a better situation for the time being, some of those projects around, here are going to get done! I'm relieved, a few sleepless nights thinking on how I was going to get them done. No worries now.....

I'm already getting seed catalogs, my all time favorite one just came in the mail today. My seed savers exchange catalog. I can get into so much trouble looking thru that little book, all the plants I'd like to try out. Makes me itch for spring and it's not Thanksgiving yet, shame on me. I'm trying to keep my mind where it should be but looking at all those seeds makes it so hard.
I'm going to gear a few more things toward container growing this next season just to see what I can get to prosper in a bucket. I'm also thinking on a new home made fertilize mix to try. Now that I have goats I want to try my old mix compared to a mix with the goat in it to see if i can improve plant production. Hehehe my own little science experiment.

Oh, I almost forgot...... I picked up 5 gallons of fresh milk yesterday and made a couple wheels of cheese with it. Not sure I like the milk tho, the colby cheese seems a bit mushier than it should be. It cooked up right but it just doesn't seem right. I won't know for sure until it dries a rind and I cut it but it seems a bit soft. I also made a batch of cheddar but it doesn't come out of the press for a few more hours. I'm anxious to see how it looks. I'm not feeling like the milk qualtiy is as good as I used to hget, different feed and all.

I've got 9 young roos lined up for the cook pot for tomorrows supper. All are from this past springs hatches. They're starting to do a little bit of fighting and they're chasing the hens quite a bit. I'm worried it might be affecting my egg production numbers so they gotta go. I'm thinking chicken and dumplings sounds pretty good!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Moo. I was rooting for her!
    So glad to see you have your laptop back. No more library for awhile anyway!
    Where would I get my seed catalogs? I suppose I could just google it. But if you have some favorites? I'd feel better if I heard your first choices!
    As for the cheese... you REALLY need to find a cow! It sounds frustrating.
    What times dinner tomorrow?

  2. Chicken and dumplings always sounds good to me...good weather for that dish as well!

  3. I too was rooting for Moo and am sorry to hear.

    Thought I'd share that Walmart is supposed to have a laptop on sale black friday for $190-something. You can see all black friday ads here - Maybe that might help you out? I know I'd love to get one, but you know....

    I also wanted to thank you for answering my question on the il preppers site. =)

  4. Hey Scifi, I'll do a post on the different catalogs I get that I'm fond of ;)

    Hermit! Good to see you, I missed you when I was away.

    -, you are very welcome, glad to be of help, it's what it's all about ;) and I wish I'd have known before I bought this laptop about the sale but that would have left me another week without a puter and I suffered from withdrawl pretty bad. the daughter needs one for school(this one) so it will all work out. I hate windows 7 tho.

  5. Awww, we were all rooting for Moo. Glad you are back having a computer at home, the library is great, if it's not far away...
    Garden time!! woohoo, I think it starts with the great seed catalog drool!

  6. Aww, fiddle dee dee. I've never mourned for a cow before. Major sad face. You did so much for her. You're a good cow-nurse. If I had a cow and she got sick, I'd hire you. Bless yur heart.

  7. I am so sad to hear about Moo cow. My husband always teases me that I get too close to farm animals. Sometimes its just too hard not too. They all have their own little personalities. Some nice, some not so nice.

    I think I have a roo in the freezer... Chicken and dumplins' sound really good today.

    Take Care,

  8. Nine 'roo's at one time? From my first run batch of rhode island reds and barred rocks,I have been culling, one or two at a time. They are, like you said, fighting, and harassing the pullets something fierce. I thought their antics were *increasing* egg production, as egg count has starting ramping up.

  9. Mourning Moo Cow here as well. She gave it the good fight!
    Thank you for sharing her story, even though it didn't end on a happy note.


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