Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Tree Day

We're on the second tree now, this one is a small/medium sized red oak. Hubby decided he was too tired to pack the saw down the fenceline today so he just picked the tree truck up with the tractor and brought it to the saw. I think he just wanted to freak me out.
I'm not even half way done with splitting the 35' birch he already cut and now I've got a 30' oak to go with it. Plenty more still laying in the fencelines. There's even a big hickory down in the back but it's got a couple other trees on top of it. Boy will that wood be nice for the smoker! I'll snap a pic of the split pile later today...
The 3rd bunny kindled today and so far, so good! She pulled hair and they are all wiggling under it. I hope she tends them and doesn't let them die.
Tonights supper is fried chicken(butchered last night) and potatoes with a side of bean salad and some cornbread. I still haven't ground the corn so I better get after it!

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