Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Monday...

I'm full of hope today even tho it's overcast and misting rain outside. Today could be a great day. On the way over here to the library, as I topped a small hill along the rural state highway, coming thru a combined bean field was a beautiful 8 point buck. He was trailing a doe because he was trotting along with his nose on the ground, not paying attention to anything which of course scares me since he's close to the road and not slowing down. So, common sense prevails and I go ahead and slow down just in case he runs right out in front of me. He gets right to the edge of the road, stops and raises his head. If there was ever a time I wish I had a camera....

I made a nice loaf of french bread last night plus my normal every day bread to go with the chicken I butchered. I breaded(home made breading mix) the pieces and fried them up with corn and potatoes I grew for the sides. For some reason, my chickens were in roost by 3pm yesterday and I only got 6 eggs which I used for the egg dip with the chicken.

I'm concerned about the weather we've been having lately and how it's going to affect next planting season. November and February as normally our wettest months and so for November here has been unseasonably warm and dry. So, I've been working on plotting out what I will container garden next season to ensure I don't suffer crop failures with plants I need to eat with in the coming year. Container growing will help me a great deal if we have another wet spring as well as a dry one. Control of the plant is all mine with the containers.

Okay, now a news flash for all you early risers...... the Leonid Meteor shower is going to be at it's peak Tuesday in the pre dawn hours. I'm hoping it's not overcast here like the last meteor shower... I just love that stuff and hate to miss it due to weather.

I'm having a bit of a craving for carrots and radish. I'm thinking about pulling a planter out of storage and setting it in the kitchen window and planting some carrot and radish in it. Both are super simple to grow and the 10" deep windowbox planters work pretty good for them. Maybe I'll have fresh baby carrots for Christmas!


  1. Its rainy and misty here too today. A good day to stay curled up in front of a fire with a good book... to dream... lol

    Thank you for the heads up on the meteor shower. I am an early riser so hopefully I can catch it if the sky is clear.

    Stay dry...

  2. oooh carrots! I like fresh carrots (not so much the squishy cooked ones!), that sounds like a great idea, maybe I'll throw a few spinach seeds as well.
    I keep my camera in the car most of the time now, since I always have those "where is the camera when you want it" moments!

  3. That meal sounds yummy! Didn't you say in an old post that you got 48 eggs? And today only 6? (Or am I thinking of another blog?)I hope the gardens won't be negatively affected next year. We need to eat!!! Have a great day, MM.


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