Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

This warm weather is so nice. I know come January we're going to pay for it. I'm dreading the 2" of ice and the freezing temperatures.

I had to take a quick cell phone pic of the baby bunnies this morning, they were just so darn cute. They are eating feed now and completely out of the box. They grow so quick.

I had a nice time last night, my daughters first home game, they won. I took around 30 pictures that I can't get off that old Kodak camera until I get my computer back. The countdown is killing me, I should have it back in around 10 days. I'm so excited about it, I can finally get all my garden plans for the coming season worked out. I've got all my old garden plans on a cd-ROM I can't access until my computer is fixed so I'm wormy waiting. Hahahaha, I guess I'll live thru it okay.

Moo Cow got up yesterday! She stood for just a few seconds but it was great. Now she knows she can get up and she's really moving around the barn lot now. I'm pumping the feed to her in the hopes she continues to get stronger. After all this time, no one around here can beleive she's not dead yet anyway so when she gets up, she will surely be the talk of the farming community. Not that I really care about that but maybe some of my farming ideas might rub off on others because of her.

I still haven't found a milk cow but I haven't given up. I've got a few leads to run down in the next week or so that hopefully will give me an opportunity to aquire my own milk source. Speaking of milk, the nanny goat is doing well and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's got at least one kid inside her growing. 2 would be better ;)

Not much going on around the farm today other than enjoying the warm weather. I've been tossing the idea of making a different goat pen away from the barns but nothing serious yet. I've got a couple spots in mind but they need some cleaning up and clearing out. Brush and a few pieces of farm equipment in the way. Maybe by the end of the week I'll get more motivated toward getting something solid going.....


  1. Great news about the cow getting up... positive motion! Oh did I mention - I want rabbits!! LOL

  2. Its wonderful about your cow. She is definately a fighter. And there is nothing cuter than baby bunnies. I miss ours....


  3. Glad to hear about the cow.

    Clearing new ground is always a fun thing to do as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't take me much to convince myself to grab one of my machetes and hack away at some growth; a great stress reliever, really.


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