Friday, October 16, 2009

Nice and Quiet

Oh, that's the way I like it, nice and quiet. It's been that way here the last few days. I'm still working on the sick calf, I'm not ready to give up on her just yet. She's still pretty weak but she does try to get up every now and then. I've been medicating her with some different things, trying to help her. If she doesn't get up soon tho, I'll have to give up. I just hate to tho.

The rain is still upon us, a constant mist with occasional heavy rain. I hate it when everything is wet and muddy. I feel for the farmers in the area, this weather is no doubt keeping them behind in the harvest and will not bode well for the mold content in the grains. All's well here tho, I got all my corn picked by hand. I don't have to worry about the wet conditions clogging up my combine, I'm the combine! LOL I still get stuck in the mud every now and then but boots do pull out of it much easier than a 20 ton combine does.

I should have 2 new batches of baby bunnies pretty quick, they are due on the 20th. I so love the baby bunnies. I sold 3 of the last bunch I had and butchered the rest. We had the last one for supper 2 nights ago.

As usual, the need for frugality is overwhelming here, we've been 3 weeks without any income to speak of and with all the monthly bills due now and no paycheck for another week, nerves are once again getting jangled. I so hate being behind on anything. So, no projects going on around the farm, just the basic maintaining. At least we're all warm, dry, have full bellies and a good stock of coffee and sugar. Nothing going hungry here and that means more than anything else.

I found something good in the storage house yesterday. I'd forgotten I even had it. Way back in a corner of one of the closets, I found the old mini convection oven. It's more like a glorified toaster because it's so darn small but I'm pretty sure I can bake bread in it! I pulled it out, cleaned it and baked some corn bread in it to go with supper and it turned out just fine. Oh glory days, no more store bought bread! Having to buy bread for the last week has really depressed me. That stuff is garbage not to mention ridiculously expensive. $1.05 for a 1 lb loaf of generic bread full of chemicals is highway robbery. I'm so excited over it that I might even try that hamburger bun recipe. If it works well, I will share it.

I still haven't gotten to the ice cream recipe, just too much little stuff going on around the farm to get around to it. No soap making yet either. This weekend is already booked, back up to the neighbor with the beef cows place to help fix a broken barn roof. I really wanted to be tending to planting the winter wheat this weekend but once again it will be put on hold since getting paid is more important than a couple hundred pounds of wheat for the stock pile. i've got more in storage than I can possibly use in 3 years so if I don't get any planted, it will be okay.

I need to get a picture of Polar Bear posted for you all to see. Polar Bear is the blue heeler puppy we got just a little while ago. I've already taught her to fetch, sit and shake, she's very smart. Not quite big enough to train to stock yet but I'm doing what I can to put a good base on her for when we need to teach her the important stuff. I really hope she turns out to be an asset to the farm and not just a pet. A good stock dog will help me out tremendously.

Well, once again my library time has come to an end... see you all again soon!


  1. I hope your little calf make it! Good post.

  2. those little toaster ovens are great when you don't have an oven, although it does make ya feel like your playing house or something! HAHA! I've done it before and it ain't too bad. If you can get your hands on some little pans or pot pie pans they help out a lot.

    good luck with everything this weekend! =)
    got my fingers crossed you get lots done while we have this "heat wave" -> rolling my eyes!!

  3. What exactly is wrong with your calf because I also have baby calves. Right now I have 11 on buckets. We have been raising calves for a while so maybe I could share something that would help. I hate to lose a little one. Rebekah

  4. if the lttle calf has the scoures give her a large dose of renit. hope you see her through.maddog


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