Friday, October 9, 2009

A deja vu moment.......

Deja vu, that feeling like you've been someplace before, or seen something before, well I've got that nagging feeling now. It's been pouring rain for 2 days now and it's giving me that deja vu feeling. Feels like this past spring! Cold and wet, here we come again. My tomatoes will be wiped out tomorrow night as the weather forcast says 38 for the low. Geez, I'm really dreading that. The cold and damp always causes me trouble with my back. Makes me not want to get things done when I hurt all the time. The warm weather is always a welcome thing for me.

I spent most of the day working on a batch of Monterey Jack cheese. It may very well be my last batch with fresh milk for a while, I'm not too pleased with that neighbor and am considering not associating with them any more. Our friendship has been one of give and take, mostly me giving and them taking. This last little fumble of them taking a month to pay my son for showing cattle for them and then cheating him out of a substantial amount of money has me a bit miffed. Compound that with the farm equipment of mine, including my tractorthat they tore up this summer and all the tools they lost, the straw that's still being stored in my barn loft for them and it just doesn't even out for me. A couple of gallons of fresh cows milk a week just isn't enough for them treating me like they are entitled to take advantage of me. So, I may be working on cheese from store bought milk for a while. I hate the whole idea of it since store bought milk is worthless but I can not continue the way things are right now.

I managed to get 9 bushels of corn picked on Wednesday afternoon before the rain came in. I spent all evening shelling it. I don't have a shelling machine so I have to do it by hand. It's not hard, just time consuming and a little messy. I end up shooting a few kernels on the floor and the puppy had fun dragging the empty cobs around and chewing on them. It kept her busy so I didn't take them from her. Better than having her chew holes in my feed sacks! Now with all this rain, it will be a while before I can pick the rest of my corn out back. The rain will raise the moisture content of it. Oh well, everything can't be easy or I'd be bored!
Here's a picture from the cell phone, it's Squeak, the latest house kitten. Squeak is a boy kitten and he's a real dandy. He attacks your fingers when you pet him, he's all for fighting and biting. He growls and purrs all at the same time! What a nut! He doesn't want to get away from you and if you set him away from you, he just comes back. He climbed all over me last night while I was shelling corn, sat on my shoulder for a while, attacked my hair and licked my face. He's a fat little bugger too! Can you tell I like cats? LOL
Not much else going on here with all the rain. All the harvesting is done but the feed corn. I should have the oven fixed by late next week so not even any baking going on. Maybe I'll make a batch of soap...


  1. Love Kitties too. Sounds like your activity is going to center around indoor items for awhile. We are wet here in Alabama, but still enjoying warm drafts these days. Like you I hate to be shut-up all winter. Though it does give me time to catch up on craft projects. You are inspiration to me to keep trying to get us self-sufficeint as well. Keep the posts coming.

  2. We're wet over here in SE Missouri too! The rain gauge is full and its still coming down. I worked today and came home exhausted. My back just can't take the heavy lifting of those pans in the top oven. My biggest fear is losing my grip and spilling something all down the front of me. Hopefully I won't be doing it much longer.

    I love kittens too! We have two around here... Their like potato chips... you can't have just one. :)

    Take care and stay dry,

  3. I can imagine the scene from your great description, eventhough my country have no winter season. I'm a collector of deja experience, hope it will be ok if I republish yours on my page. thanks.

  4. So sorry that you might not be getting any more fresh milk, but you've got to stand up for yourself!

  5. Hello Deborah, yep, I'll be doing some crafting projects too, sometimes those and the baking is all I get done thru the winter months.

    Hey Grandma, 8" fell here! Wow, eh? No wonder I feel like Deja Vu! Hang in there, wet and cold winter coming up for us. We'll make it tho, won't we.......

    Hey Gen, yah, it will be awful but they need cut off badly. They aren't the kind of folks we thought they were...

    Hello Last Reflex, of course you can, thanks for stopping in!


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