Monday, October 12, 2009

Cow PT, go figure....

That's right, cow PT. It all stemmed from the sickness in my neighbors herd, the herd hubby and I helped vaccinate and medicate last weekend. 2 calves were down and out a couple days before we started the whole process and we picked them up out of the field and brought them up to the barn for our neighbor. he doesn't have a bucket loader on his tractor so ours is down at his place right now. We made up a sling out of mine belt to hoist the calves up and try to get them to use their legs a little. They've been laying down for almost 12 days and even with rolling them over a couple times a day, the circulation to their legs still is getting cut off. One calf isn't doing so well, seems to not even want to try at all. But the other is bright eyed and is trying, still has some fight left in her.

We spent 4 hours working with her yesterday, a bit too long I think, we wore her out but she did make some serious effort. She might come thru this okay. Still a long way to go for her.

Not much else going on, I picked another 2 rows of corn. The patch is super muddy and it was more work making it down the row than picking the ears but I got them in. Still a bit wet from the rain but should dry out quickly in the sacks. Since I didn't get the crib finished, I'm shelling it right away and it will dry in the burlap sacks. hate doing it that way, it doesn't dry as even as it does in a corn crib but beggars can't be choosers.

We got 8" of rain from the cold front that rolled over us. The 38 degree morning was a real eye opener. I did get the fireplace cleaned up good and set so we stayed nice and warm in the house. Everything is still soft and mushy, it may be all week drying out with these cooler temperatures we're experiencing. Just part of life now, winter is coming.

We're hanging on here, struggling to get those projects that need done before winter finished. Same old story here, no supplies to finish the jobs. We're working on it tho. Just part of the daily routine here. I think we've been fortunate, maybe more fortunate than some in this area. Even tho we had a stint of 2/3 pay (workmans comp), we still managed to get plenty done and put up plenty of hay for the critters and plenty of food for ourselves. Even with the 15% unemployment around us, we still pushed ahead like always and filled the pantry. I look forward to the winter when things slow down here and get quiet.

Oh, I almost forgot to add this in before I headed back to the house from the library computer..... Deborah, you asked about the Colby cheese recipe for your extra goats milk... drop me an email at and I'll send you what I've got for you to try......


  1. You guys have really been hit by the rain! We've been fairly dry/normal up here. It's a good thing that you've got the prepper mindset and were able to garden/can this summer from experience and we're just going to 'try it out' and see how it went. That's the benefit of living the way you do every year, and not just on the bad years.

  2. We were hit with rain too. Our gauge holds five inches and it overflowed! The farmers around here have their hands full trying to get the corn out of the fields.

    One of these days I want to come see you do cheese. It all looks so good!

    Take Care and prayers are with you,


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