Monday, September 21, 2009

Long lost days

Wow! I've been gone a long time! I hope you all didn't think I forgot ya's.... The hard drive on my home computer finally gave up the ghost. The bugger froze up on me and stayed that way for 3 days. like a dummy, I finally tried to reboot it. Big mistake! I watched it go out on error and continually try to reboot for 4 days before I simply wiped it all out and tried to reload Windows. 6 tries and it finally took the program only to get to the validation key page and there it sits. It won't accept the validation key! Well, it's off the computer guru guy now, have no choice. It'll sit there for a couple of weeks while I catch up on all my overdue bills around here.

Okay, now that that's all out of the way......

Farm update time!!!!

The hay baling finally went my way. All the bugs are worked out of the haybine and 120 acres of hay later, I have 96 5x6 round bales and 600 square bales! Now I can sell a little hay or try to sell some and hopefully catch up on my bills.

I've been collecting the scrap wood around the farm to build the corn crib. I'm just at the bottom framing stage, a couple 2x6's to hold the scrap pieces of plywood I have and a couple short 2x4's pieced together to make the sides. Not real sure where I'm going to get the wood for the walls, perhaps I can get some inferior pallets from the feed mill. They usually have a pile of scrap pallets there for free. I spent part of last night straightening out some nails I can use to hold it all together.

The young chickens I took pictures of this past spring have hit egg laying age! I'm now getting a dozen and a half eggs every day, I'm thrilled! I only ask $1 a dozen for them and I do have 2 customers. Every tiny bit helps.

I'm having some trouble getting my rabbits to cooperate with me after they're summer layoff. I don't breed them during the hot summer months, I feel that it's too hard on them nursing kits when it's so hot. But now that it's starting to cool off, I can't seem to get them back in the swing of things. Maybe I need to change up the feed ration.....

I had the day off yesterday since it was raining, we needed the rain BTW, so I made meatloaf, fried potatoes, corn bread , a loaf of wheat bread and some corn on the cob. Geez, hubby thought he died and went to heaven! We've not had such a good meal in about 3 weeks! Hard to cook a fresh home cooked meal when you are spending 14 hours a day in a hay field.

I also made 2 wheels of cheese while I was slaving away in the kitchen. I made a 3lb wheel of Monterey Jack and a 1 1/2lb wheel of Colby. I am thinking about making some herbed Cheddar tomorrow.

Oh! I almost forgot, we've got a bun in the oven, the goats came into season and we've got a bred nanny goat! I'm so excited, this will be my first baby goat.

Well, since I'm on the Library computer with a time limit, I better get after the rest of my business... I hope I can get my computer fixed quick!

See you all soon.......


  1. Hey MM, glad to hear that things have been going GREAT! Yay hay! Yay baby goat! Yay cheese! (Yum!) I had a customer for years who I sold eggs to for $1.00, and ended up feeling like I was being taken advantage of in the end. Don't be afraid to raise your price a bit when the eggs are full size instead of pullet size. (just a little hint!) Take care!

  2. I second what Gen-IL Homesteader says $1 a dozen is a bargain! Especially as I'm sure your hens are happy outdoors ones! Not the poor buggers in tiny cages under 24 hour light...

    Quality deserves a good price!


  3. Hope you get the gremlins out of your PC soon! We miss all the good info you share with us!

    I wish I was close enough for some of those!

  4. Oh for sure Badger, no tiny little cages here! I just wish they'd quit pooping on my hay stack, LOL! I'm glad to have an outlet for the 'net, even if I can't use it at my whim, it's better than no internet!

    Gen, you always have such good advise, makes me wish we lived just a little bit closer! The grape jam is outstanding, thank you! I'll pack in a little blackberry for you with the soap and cheese.

    Hermit! Good to see you! Sorry, eggs don't mail worth a hoot. I'll save some for ya tho for when you get this way...

    Thanks Bob, I missed you guys. Your cheese should be in the mailbox quick... hope this one's better than the last one.....


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