Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Happy Holiday to those that celebrate this day. For us here on the farm, it's just another day. We've worked hard all our lives and we just don't have time to skip a day of work when we could be getting something done.

Today, since it's overcast and gloomy, I'll probably work on the corn crib. It's almost time to harvest the feed corn, which I do by hand, row by row, ear by ear. I'm going to build this crib inside the barn along the front wall so I don't lose it to another freak storm(inland hurricane). It's going to be simple construction, just a 2x4 frame and some slats for air movement.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about Polar Bear. She's a blue heeler puppy, the newest addition to the farm. She's just about 4 weeks old and has spent the last 3 days chewing on my toes. Back in the spring, the milking neighbor worked out a deal for a male heeler so he could breed pups but he didn't want to keep it on his farm. So, he worked out another deal with my daughter to give her the dog and just breed to it. When the day came to go get the dog, the original owner changed his mind. So the neighbor just bred to him instead and promised the daughter a puppy. Polar Bear is the one she chose. The pup appears pretty smart so far which will be a nice change since we always seem to end up with really dumb dogs, LOL.

Ah, the root cellar! We had 3" of rain yesterday, a real gulley washer! The root cellar is now completely full and as you can see from the picture full of duck feathers, the ducks are loving it. Hopefully on next pay, we can rent a pump and get the water out of it so we can get building the root cellar. Guess this was one project we should have gone slower with, waited until we had all the blocks before we dug the hole. Hindsight is 20/20 on this one! At least the ducks are having a good time with it.

Got another gallon worth of tomatoes mashed, they went right into the sauce simmering on the stove. I'm still picking 4 or 5 cantalopes a day and loving every single sweet bite of them. The fall garden will get turned as soon as the rain gets out of the forecast.


  1. Happy Labor Day to you, too! We're working around here also. I'm in the midst of harvesting grapes right now. Get enough daily to do a few pints/quarts of juice (already did jelly). Picked this morning for my sister to take for her jelly. Got to get another batch picked for me later today. Have a great day!

  2. Oh Gen, wish there wasn't half a state between you and I, I'd trade you some cheese for some of those grapes!

  3. I was working on my side business and running errands. But I appreciated the day off from my full time job to do it. :)

  4. Yup, I worked half a day at my job and a full day on the homestead. Such is life.

  5. Cute pup and sorry about the un-planned "duck pond." Hopefully the weather will stayed clear enough so you can finish the basement.

  6. Thanks, i've always been interested in self sustained living

  7. The new pup is adorable. I always wanted a blue heeler. I was telling my husband about your last post and he kept saying how he wanted to see your set up. Your doing what we have always wanted to do, being self-sustained. I told him about your cheese and soap making. He didn't believe me when I told him how you were growing your own coffee.

    Take Care,

  8. Debbie, some day we're going to have to talk him into a road trip so you and I can make some cheese and soap! Maybe next spring... I hope to train the heeler to do some of the work for me, we'll see how smart she is.

    Hey Megan, welcome to the blog!

    Thanks Diane, it's gonna rain some more, gotta go with mother nature and work around her...

    Scott or Pam and Moon, you know there's no rest for the wicked! Always something has to be done, eh?

  9. Trading grapes for cheese would be fabulous! I've got plenty of grapes, and I'd love to try your cheese! (Actually, I've been meaning to send you a check for some cheese, but I haven't been able to 'get my butt in gear'. I think you've got a link on the side....maybe I'll do it while I'm thinking of it! :-)) Take care!


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