Friday, September 11, 2009

Country Reflections

What a beautiful day, wasn't it? I just spent 6 hours today in the hay field. I raked all day. Down and back, down and back. Gives a person lots of time to ponder the world and think. I spent a little time thinking on 9/11. I watched it as it happened on TV, talking to my father whom I called right after the first tower was hit. We sat together, 300 miles apart and watched it unfold from different ends of a phone line. Our world was forever changed on that fateful day......

I got a bit of a break today, the radiator on the tractor had a bunch of grass in it and the farm I am on right now does not have running water. It does have a well but no pressurized water to clean the radiator out so I limped the old John Deere home for a hose out. I needed to put a roll of hay out anyway and I'll rake that small field that I cut the other day on my way back to the big field. A nice break tho as I would have stayed out there until dark.

I should be all done cutting hay by Monday. Then I'm going to build the corn crib(pictures of course). After I get that whipped together, I'll build the layer box for the chicken house and get it installed. I'm hoping it will be a 24 hole box, if I can make it work.

One of my banty hens decided to get a drink out of the horse trough. I don't know why, she had other water easier to get to. She fell in the trough and hubby found her swimming in it. I'm glad she didn't drown but she was pretty tuckered out when he handed her to me, soaking wet and shivering. I hope she doesn't die one me, she's one of my favorites.

Polar Bear the heeler puppy is coming along very nicely, she's already got the "house broke" thing down pat. Now if her bladder would just catch up to her mind! She's got to be the smartest dog I've had in years. She makes all the black labs I've had look like idiots, Good Polar Bear!

Tonite is not a rest up night, even tho I'd like it to be. I'm working on some Monterey Jack and some Colby to go along with the Caraway Cheddar I just pulled out of the press. It smells wonderful and tastes like rye bread.


  1. I would have loved to have seen that chicken swimming! I've often wondered if they could swim....and now we know! Thank God she didn't drown.
    I bet you'll be so happy to have the haying done. Man, it sounds like alot of work. And, these projects you're building....Are you the actual builder, or are you helping hubby? I don't have a talent for building (unless it's with cardboard and duct tape!)
    That cheese sounded yummy! Have a great day/weekend!

  2. I haven't seen her this morning Gen, at least she's not dead yet! Oh yes, I'll be glad when the hay is all done, I can sleep more than 5 hours!
    All the build projects are mine, hubby helps but the ideas come out of my head, I cut it and build it, just something I've always been able to do...

  3. Hello, MM! I know you from American Preppers Chat and just happened upon your blog. Glad the banty survived the self-imposed water aerobics. Hay is scarce where we are because of the drought. But we were fortunate enough to buy five big rolls last week, so we're good for a while. I enjoyed your recent post, will be reading back on some of the old ones. Happy prepping!


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