Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another "Murphy" day

If you judged my farming abilities by this one single hay job, you'd think I was a total idiot! This has been the most, by far, craziest, messed up hay job I have ever gotten myself into! The hay is amazing, the fields are in good shape but I have had a major breakdown every single day! First, the bearing cap on the repaired hay rake rod broke in half. I jury rigged it and got back to cutting. Yesterday, that same bearing cap had a high speed come apart and was beyond repair. So, I had to go 65 miles round trip to get another one. Fixed that, cut until dark again for the second day. This morning started out great, raked almost all of it and got to baling by 2pm. Baler worked spectacular! Ran and picked up a borrowed trailer, loaded 75 bales on it and the tire went flat! Big hole in it, probably ran a stob in it. Filled it up with air and tried to limp it to the barn. No go, ruined the tire. So, the rest of the 500 bales is still sitting out in the field for lack of a trailer! Hope tomorrow goes better!!!!!


  1. I hope it will also...and sorry about the "crap" that happens to you and the rest of us.
    Hey some days are diamonds and some days are stone...time for some diamonds eh?
    Here's to tomorrow...

  2. Good Grief MM! Again? You might get it done eventually!

  3. Oh my! I hope you got it all in today!


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