Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Adventure of the day

Heavy dew over night got me a later than I wanted start today on that next field of hay. The haybine was singing like a sewing machine, just doing beautifully. 6 hours into the field the fitting on the brand new hose blew off and covered me with hydraulic oil. This is the second time this season I've been covered in it. What a sticky mess not to mention the time I lost in the field for the day. Of course, the hose is only 3 weeks old and the place I bought it from was closed for the day. That figures, glad I kept the receipt handy tho, I'm sure I'll need it..... I took this picture on the fourth round of the field, it took 9 minutes down the one side. So, 9 hours is all I got to put in on it today. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow......

Oh, a couple rounds before the hose end blew off, I ran across a skunk. She ran out of the tall grass and I went over her with the tractor, once I passed her, she sprayed and ran back in the grass. I made 3 rounds past her before the hose blew. Goofy skunk! Of course there are always the bunnies that run out and the quail, even a good sized spotted fawn. The circling hawks looking to catch a bunny are beautiful to see overhead as well.

Sometimes when I'm out in the middle of nothing but farm fields as far as the eye can see, I'm a little overwhelmed by a feeling of just plain old freedom. The beauty of being out in the middle of Gods creation, no houses, no cars, no electric lines, it's truly amazing.

More tomorrow night.....


  1. Sounds like a very peaceful day! Sorry about the hose problem! Does it take forever to get the oil off of yourself? (BTW, didn't you have a link to your address, for folks who wanted to send a check for cheese? I'd like to do that, but I only see the paypal link. Thanks.)

  2. Hey Gen, email me at, I'll share my farm addy with ya....

  3. "I'm a little overwhelmed by a feeling of just plain old freedom"...

    YEAH. What you said. God Bless.


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