Friday, August 21, 2009

Tired out

No clever thoughts today, I'm too wore out. Taking on a whole new set of farm chores in addition to my own has just plum beat me down. Guess I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I have officially decided that I like cows much better when they are somebody elses and I can go home when I'm tired out! hahahaha

I should be cutting hay but I can't seem to drag myself out to the tractor.

I cut the Farmhouse Cheddar today and I've decided I really like it. Not quite as much as the regular cheddar but it is mighty tasty. I think I will add it to the regular schedule of cheese making.

I got all the monthly bills paid yesterday and there's no money left. I really hate that. I still haven't managed to finish the chicken house or get any blocks for the root cellar. Good thing I'm so dang frugal or we might be a bit uncomfortable! Still, it's hard to go out and feed those chickens every day and look at that half finished chicken house when all I need is a lousy $50 in supplies.

Oh, I almost forgot... the garden is acting like it's mid October. Plants are slowing way down and starting to die back. Even the beans are dying back on me with half filled pods. It's kind of weird. The tomatoes and peppers are still doing well and I'm pleased with that, been dehydrating the peppers and setting the tomatoes up to be canning into sauce about every other day now. Al least we'll have plenty of sauce for chili, stews and italian dishes. All good winter meals for a hungry family.


  1. All this cheese talk is starting to get to me! I'm gonna have to learn how to make it!

  2. I've been noticing a trend in gardening this year.... not too many people are having a whole lot of luck. Weird! Just a trend I have been seeing in blogs from across the country. Our garden was disappointing this year as well.

  3. My beans finished on me already, too! I canned 44 pints/froze 3 pints and we ate a number of meals before they were done. Yes, I think this cool weather is telling our plants to be done. My potted mums (put on the porch yearly with fall decor) are blooming already!!! What!!! Makes me wonder what kind of winter we're going to have!


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