Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny Sunday- good day or bad?

Well last nights milking went south quick. 2 of the ladies refused to come up so I ended up chasing them for an hour in the dark thru some nasty tore up pasture. I never did get them up, I'm sure they were nice and swelled this morning. Boy was I glad to get home last night!

Today, hubby has spent all morning working on the haybine. It's ugly. He finally managed to get the head of the sickle out, bolt is bent, bearing is destroyed... yay rah.

I spent 45 minutes this morning fighting with the computer. I got into yahoo mail and the computer locked up. Wouldn't even restart. So, I had to walk away from it for a while.

I planted something new this season, some mini bell pepper seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. The camera just can't capture the color of these tiny peppers. They about glow they are so brightly colored. They taste just like normal bell peppers but they are the size of a quarter. That is the harvest from just one plant. I halved them and put them in the dehydrator. Will be nice to cook with this winter.

I've got more cheese in the press, it's a beautiful 70 degrees here, thought I'd take advantage of that. I've got some listed on the sidebar I will ship for donations again. I could really use the help here and I know you all will love the cheese. Like last time, I will ship it in vac seal bags Priority Mail. If you want some cheese but not via paypal, email me at and I will give you an address to send a check to.

Today is going to be spent hauling the daughter around looking for supplies for her graphic arts class. I love driving 150 miles to find 2 or 3 things. Of course, Walmart does not have a single thing on the list. Not that I enjoy being subjected to Walmart but they've wiped out every other shopping venue for miles. So, I must travel 75 miles one way to try to find this stuff. Another yay rah. Guess I'm gonna be a couple hundred dollars overdrawn again this pay period.

Oh, I forgot..... since I am officially relieved of milking duty(neighbors came home late last night) I slept in til 9 this morning! Now for a real yay rah! LOL

Off to the 3 hour drive.....


  1. WOW you did have a time eh? I have never had to deal with cows...and I thought rounding up chickens was bad enough. So sorry to hear about your last 2 days, hopefully your week will be better.
    Hey Thank you for taking the time and filling us in...Here's to you..*smile*

  2. After your sucky weekend-consider yourself hugged. Better??

  3. Sorry your day was so rough! But, I'm glad you're now relieved of your milking duties! Woo-Hoo!

  4. I was gonna post yesterday about how things can only get better from now on.
    Good thing I didn't.
    I'll stick with the lemon, lemonade saying.
    Good Luck this week MM.


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