Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Repair day

Hubby had an early appointment today and I slept thru the alarm for a half hour. I was tired! Was up until 4 this morning working on some cheese. I really like the cool overnight temperatures for cheese making, the results are excellent. I raked that field this morning, the one that tore my haybine up. I looked for the broken rake piece, did not succeed in finding it. Hopefully it won't end up in a round bale and I will find it easily later today after it's baled.

Yesterday I spent a few hours working with a cheddar recipe with store bought milk looking for good results that can be had from cheese making when you don't have cows nearby to get unhomogenized milk from. The process destroys the milk protiens, making it almost impossible to get a good curd for anything but soft cheeses. The curd was not quite what I expected, it was more loose and soft but it appears like it's setting up well. The wheel comes out of the press at 3:30 this afternoon, we'll see how it turns out and post on it.

Hubby found this site early this morning and I was rather amused, thought I'd share it with ya's for a laugh. It's Awkward Family Photos. I got a real kick out of the Thanksgiving letter post, the link is on the right sidebar. Hope you all get a giggle!

Anyway, to the repairs for the day... hubby's been working on the haybine since he got home. Still have to have the rake bar before I can cut with it, it'll be a while for that. But te sickle bar part of it still needs repaired. We'll be working on the wheel rake today too, it is in need of some serious repair as well. I've been working on the home made cheese press. The base needed replaced as I just had pine and with the constant soap and hot water plus the bleach for sanitation and the corrosive whey on it, the base needed replaced from warping. Can't press the cheese well if the base is warped so a new one is now in place.

Also, this morning the new faucet is functional. Just a cheapie $12 one from home depot but very useul when you don't need a pair of channel locks to turn the water on!!!! I was amazed when I went to home depot by the prices of kitchen faucets. Some of them were as expensive as $300! Why would a person need a $300 kitchen faucet??? Is this a case of more money than sense or what? I'm perfectly pleased with the $12 one, it looks good and it works just fine!

Well, the sun is shining on me today. Some folks I know up the back road called me this morning and asked for some help and in turn, it will help me. They have a broken square baler. I have a broken cutter. They will cut my hay field if I bale theirs. Works for me! Temporary fix for my immediate problem, I get the field I need cut right now cut. Whew, some good luck at last.

I got another gallon bag of white soup beans dried and packed in storage. The plants did not do as well as I had hoped they would. They set pods and started to die off. Must be the weird weather.....

Hubby is calling, I gotta go sit on the tractor and operate some levers.........


  1. Congrats on bartering hay work with the neighbor! What a relief!

  2. Hey Gen! Oh yah, what a good trade for sure. Things don't always work out like this but for once I got it to work right.


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