Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh My!

The haybine repairs are working out pretty good, the pieces parts are all holding up excellent. I did get a bit of a surprise tho. The bearing cap split on me today and let the newly welded bar and wheel bearing pop out of track. I got stopped real quick and my heart about jumped out of my chest! No biggie tho, it should have been replaced but it wasn't covered by the repair moneys. Hubby wouldn't answer the phone so I had to walk some 8 miles over to a friends place and she gave me a lift home. The cap was too broke up to weld so the boy and I came up with another plan. We pieced it back together, bolted it back on, put hose clamps on it to hold the bearing in place and I cut another 20 acres before dark. All's well and I only lost 2 hours of cut time.

I gave the boy a driving lesson with the haybine, he's got some practicing to do before he can take off on his own. The right hand/left hand/clutch/steering is just a little too much for him! He'll get it tho, practice makes perfect.

The girl ran out of gas coming home from college tonight so I had to take care of that too. Hubby is still on the couch with swollen feet. Nice side effect, ye haw. Better him than me, I got too much to do!

More cutting tomorrow and maybe some raking if the humidity stays low...


  1. Ya gotta love a woman with your mindset.
    A force to be reconed with.
    Thanks MM

    Massachusetts Preppers Network

  2. Good on ya lady, get it fixed and get on with it is the right attitude. Hope you have some well deserved rest!

  3. Hey WMass Man! LOL, thanks much, sometimes I just don't have a choice but to push on, ya know?

    Hey Badger! Yep, that patch job made it 20 acres worth of cutting, the ears broke off it this afternoon and I had to run and replace it. All's well now tho, only got about 8 acres left to cut, should get it done after I rake and bale some tomorrow.

    No rest until maybe Saturday.....


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