Friday, August 14, 2009

Minor oopsies

Ha, you're going to love this... I cut some hay yesterday, got down the road side and then half way up the north edge of a little 5 acre square and found a hole with the left front tire of the tractor. It was a pretty good hole, a washout that ran along the edge of the creek about 3' deep. Took a bit of wiggling around to get backed out of it. Scared me good, wadded my britches up quick!

Haven't done too much since my last post, just daily farm chore stuff and the addition of milking the cows twice a day and the chores at the neighbors place. The showing part of the fair is today, I hope they do well.

I dehydrated 5 racks of green and red peppers yesterday. They look good. I will be doing the hot peppers and some onions today. At least nothing went wrong, LOL hope it stays that way.

I'll be raking 3 fields o hay today and probably baling at least 2 tomorrow, hope that all goes smooth. I'll never want to go back to buying hay from others now that I've been doing it for myself. I really enjoy the tractor time, it's relaxing to me. Plus, the money I save helps.

I've got an idea of what I want my corn crib to be like in my head. Soon I will get working on it, it will be a good project.

More later tonite!

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  1. You go, Girl!! Always got something going on, huh?


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