Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Medicinals and Alternative food sources

Did you know that cattail is edible? Yep, they sure are! The peeled, young shoots of cattails less than 18" long can be eaten raw or cooked as a potato substitute. Just before blooming when enclosed in a husk, the top spike steamed or boiled, can be eaten like corn on the cob. Pollen sections next to the base of the leaves and the rhizomes can be ground into flour for making bread.

The cattail is a perennial found growing in rich, wet soils, marshes, swamps, wet ditches and stream/pond edges throughout the heartland.

Native Americans used the cattail as a medicine, the fluff was a treatment for skin irritations(used like baby powder) used chopped root on burns, in an infusion to treat intestinal parasites and diarrhea.

A common plant to keep in mind.


  1. Good advice MM. Cattails are plentiful here.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Speaking of medicinals, we have found the cure for poison oak.

    Last week I had an obvious outbreak on the back of one of my hands. Normally, this is the precursor to at least a months worth of suffering.

    My DW had made up a concoction of Traditional Process Coconut Oil and a common weed called English Plantain. We call it "Green Goo". She had originally made it as an experimental bug repellent.

    Soooooo......I started applying it to the affected area, three times a day, and guess what? It was gone in four days!!!

    Now, all we have to do it to figure what portions she used in this batch, 'cause she didn't write it down.

    The main thing is....it works!!


  3. Wow, plantain? I would have never thought. We've got a type growing here, it's all over the yard. Very cool Bob, thank you for sharing!


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