Sunday, August 30, 2009

Late night, busy week

I had a temporary hiccup with the computer giving me 2 days without so I haven't had a chance to respond to the new comments from my last post... I will soon tho. Turns out Microsoft sent out and update that conflicted with my Kodak Easyshare software, caused it to show a fatal error and when my anti virus updated and needed a computer reboot, Windows could not load with the looped error from the Kodak. Sweet, thanks Mr Gates, appreciate that.

So, it's been a busy weekend and lots to share. It's been cold overnight here the last 3 days, in the low 40's! Thankfully, the cantalopes don't seem to mind too much and I've been having fresh fruit for breakfast every day. The rest of the summer garden appears to be smoked tho, all but the container tomatoes. The fresh ground whole wheat made a beautiful loaf of bread with nice slivers of wheat too. I would have taken a pic of the baked bread but the kids vultured it too quick.

Hubby got a steroid shot in his elbow and we're thinking he's having some sort of side effect. The poor guy has swollen feet and legs. It looks awful. Good thing he's got a Doc appointment in the am.

I need to say a huge "thank you" to several great people that helped me to fix my haybine. You guys are great and I'm back in the hay field tomorrow. Hubby did most all of the work while I moved and restacked 200 bales of hay in the barn this weekend. I tested it this afternoon and it's all good! Just in time too, 50 acres of alfalfa await me in the morning. Thanks again you guys, you're the greatest! Is it okay if I send ya's Christmas cards this year?

I'll be in the hay field all week so farm updates will be late in coming. I hope to get right on the corn crib as soon as it's all done out there and I'll be posting pictures as well. Also, the back corn patch will need turned so I can plant the wheat I need to post about. I should have posted about it back in the spring, sorry about that, but this way you all will get it right from the start....

Oh, I found the chicken I lost. Apparently she fell off the hay bales and got stuck behind them. I found her dead as a doornail, upside down when I was restacking the hay. Well at least I know what happened to her now.

The dehydrators have been going pretty much non stop for a few weeks now, I just pulled out some herbs, sunflowers and the last of the soup beans. I've got tomatoes pulp simmering down on the stove to make sauce with, 2 wheel of traditional cheddar in the presses this evening and the second loaf of bread should be done in a few minutes....


  1. WOW you two are so ya do it? Sometimes I get tired just by reading your blog *smile*...hey this blogger admires you & yours!
    Kudos and blessings

  2. Somehow you always manage to make me tired and hungry at the same time...weonder why that is?

    Very good post, my friend!

  3. Hey Diane! Thanks for stopping in! Ah, it's all stuff I have to do, it just gets done because it has to. Wait til ya read what happened today, LOL....

    Hey Hermit! LOLs, I make myself hungry! hehehe went all day on not even breakfast(got up late) so am I ever stuffed now! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Whew! You've got some energy, girl! Everything sounds yummy...especially fresh cantelope for breakfast every day! Mmmmm!


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