Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot Pepper Wednesday

Hahaha, sometimes I am such a dope! Either that or I am a super glutton for punishment! I love hot peppers. In my chili, in my salsa and now since I tried and made a decent pepper jack cheese, I'm going to do it again. I always cut my jalepenos into halves or thirds to dehydrate. Every time I do that, I end up pepper juiced! Burns like all heck and no matter how careful I am, I always end up with it somewhere. Today it started with a seed stuck under my thumbnail. Then a seed flew up and hit me in the forehead. Next I wiped my cheek with a towel I had on the counter and it apparently had seed or juice on it and the burn was on! Now I've got a frying finger, a scorching forehead and a watering eye and I did not prep properly for it. I have no onion half sitting on the counter. Onion juice neutralizes hot pepper juice. Just cut an onion in half and wipe the affected area with it. No more burn.

Well, back to my dehydrating project for the day, more hot peppers and some sweet peppers...


  1. LMAO...omg I shouldnt laugh but I have so been there myself, with me it is ALWAYS my eyes :)

  2. LOL I've done the same thing to myself twice this year so far. Whiped my eye,rubbed my face.yea, grrrrrrrrrr. Last year when we were making jabenero jelly, I obviously didn't think and went to the little boys room........the rest of that story I don't think I need to tell, lol. Lets just say it wasn't a happy kinda dance!

  3. Oh, ouch! But, I've got to give the 'award' to Chris W. Wow!

  4. Oh my! Yep, Chris gets the award, no doubt! Chris, keep that onion handy for next time!

  5. Gloves, gloves, gloves.

    Rubber gloves, my dear. Been handling HOT peppers most of my adult life, canning (especially salsa) pickling and dehydrating.

    Protect thyself!


  6. Been there done that. YEARS ago, the first time we ever grew jalapeno peppers, and had a BUMPER crop, someone recommended I can them. While cutting them up my husband recommended I get gloves. "They aren't that hot" I replied and kept on.

    At the end of the process I went to wash my hands and immediately knew I was in trouble; my hands were on FIRE. Hubby grabbed the milk jug, which of course only held three tablespoons of milk. (Milk neutralizes the "burn"). The milk actually started a slight BUBBLE...but didn't relieve the burning pain.

    Hubby decided this was one time I should learn my lesson the hard way and refused to run to town for milk (it was probably about 1:00 a.m.). So I decided to call the local urgent care to see what they recommend I do.

    After telling my story to the intake person they replied "I'll put you on hold, talk to the doc and be right back". Well...the phone wasn't put "on hold" so I heard: UMMMMM we have some stupid lady on the phone who is a real AS*&ole...tries pickling hot peppers and didn't wear gloves and now her hands are on fire". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Needless to say, I hung up - knew I was on my own.

    Then it hit me - I grabbed two ice packs and a roll of duct tape. With the help of my young son, who I woke up for back-up, I duct-taped the ice packs to my hands...and crawled in bed. I stayed this way for over 24 hours - until the burning subsided.

    So...every fall as we approach canning season everyone remembers my "burning hands" and the ice packs...and we all LAUGH.

    Live and learn! Without stories like this to pass on how boring would life be!

    LOVING your site and learning a lot....being encouraged to do more and more all the time toward our self-reliance and preparedness. When I "grow up" I want to be just like YOU!

    Take care,
    MamaBear in the Mitten

  7. Ah Mammabear, thanks for sharing, LOVED the story! hehehe there's never any milk around this house, it seems to evaporate around here! hehehe I will put that on the list tho, I did not know milk worked too. Thanks for being a loyal reader and don't fret the "growing up" part, I resist it myself whenever I can.

  8. NNNNOT LAUGHING HERE! Promise. MM-will you share your salsa recipe?? I'm getting fed up with the ones I've tried to can. ICK


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