Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot and Humid, again.....

This week has been work on the farm cleanup week. So far, so good! Hubby has had a wild hair, fixed the lawn mower using good old fashioned common sense and a little welding(parts money is in short supply) and so far it's holding up. The whole place has been mowed up nice, weeds have been knocked down, the finished and overgrown gardens have been mowed, it's just awesome! He's really out done himself, the farm is starting to look like it did before all our troubles. Makes me proud to say I live here again. It had really gotten looking poorly with the equipment breakdowns, lack of cash and a few other minor troubles keeping us from properly maintaining. I guess I need to find a couple old fashioned grass mowers for when we can't use the equipment anymore. Something I need to look into...

I wanted to show you all the storm that rolled in here last night but the digital camera isn't what it used to be before the kittens knocked it off the desk. It wasn't quite dark but the pictures did not come out. Darn shame, the clouds were very cool looking.

I was up until 4:30 this morning making this wheel of Farmhouse Cheddar. 3lbs, 8 oz from 4 gallons of milk. Got a 4 1/2 gallon batch of Colby on the stove now. Not quite cool enough on a daily basis yet to make cheese but I'm in withdrawl! Can not live without cheese anymore.

I've been thinking a bit on it and I am willing to teach cheese classes any time starting September 5th, in my home, on my farm. The classes will be on Saturdays, starting at 10am. I can comfortably have 4 people at a time in my kitchen. The cost will be $50 a person and you will share a light, snack type lunch with me while the cheese cultures and the rennet sets plus a small wheel of the type of cheese we make to take with you at the end of the class. You must email me at mmpaints@yahoo.com and a $10 deposit via check/money order or paypal (non refundable) to reserve your spot with $40 being due the day of the class. This will be a relaxed, farmstead atmosphere.

Tonight is the start of my week long, twice a day milking adventure. My neighbors have headed for the State fair with their trailer load of cattle to show. Hope I live thru this, LOL. I might end up being a touch cranky by the time they come home, I don't do early mornings well!

I better get back at it, lots still to do today...


  1. The cheese is looking good, my friend! You constantly amaze me...and DH too!

  2. Home made cheese! Brilliant. Wish I was a little closer to take advantage of the cheese class...


  3. Just remembered - concerning things homemade - I bottled up a load of elder flower champagne not long ago. Bloomin good stuff and didn't last long! You guys come accross this or made it before?


  4. Aw thank you Hermit!

    Badger, any time you visit this neck of the woods... elder flower as in box elder? I've never seen or tasted elder flower champagne, now I really wish you lived closer!

  5. It was bloomin great although a little sweet hell of a kick to it as well!

    The elder most common would be the american elder. Here's a pic of the flowers.

    Flower heads, water, sugar, and a little yeast, if needed, is all you need. Next year we're going to make a couple of bin fulls and I'll do a blog post!


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