Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Duck Roundup

Welcome to the big duck roundup! The water tank there is how my son has been floating around with the ducks. Apparently, the flock of 6 has joined up with the 8 youngsters and they've been having a pretty good time in my root cellar hole. I considered filling the hole in to soak up the water but I still don't have enough blocks so until I have the blocks to build the root cellar, the ducks and the boy get to swim in the mud hole.

Just 500 more bales of hay to go! Of course, it hasn't even been cut yet. This is what I cut and baled this past week, finishing up late yesterday. I even cut my circle driveway, got 11 bales off of it, LOL. The driveway is what I cut to check the haybine after I did all that work on it. Had to make sure it was working correctly before I got into a big field away from home.

Hay baling takes up the whole day so not much else been going on around the farm. Just normal, every day chores. It's looking like we're up for a bit of rain this coming week. Seems like a good time to be in the barn, working on the corn crib....


  1. Your hay looks good. I just put 100 bales in the hay loft today (with some help). With my old baler, that's about as many bales as I want to tackle in a day. A haybine would be nice. I use a John Deere 8W sickle mower with my 1950 JD MT (bought new by my grandpa) and then tedder it. That way I can bale on the third day. The barns about full -- another 100 or less bales to do this year.

  2. Wow, you're busy! Congrats on all the hay!

  3. Seeing the picture of the ducks makes me miss ours. What type are they? They remind me of my magpie ducks.

    Do you dream about putting up hay??? :)


  4. Hey dp, the haybine crimps and rolls it, I can usually bale on the second day for grass and depending on the humidity for the alfalfa, 3 days here. I love that haybine but there's times I wish for a disc mower. I use an old new holland wheel rake, the tedder is out of my price range. I wish I just had 100 left, I feed 6 squares a day here, they wipe out a 1600lb round bale in 5 days. Another 600 or so and I should be good to go.

    Deb, I haven't a clue on the ducks, maybe Muscovy and something else? A friend gave me the original 6 last fall. I hope to eat the 8 this winter.
    LOL, yes, I do dream about it! Horrible! But, it's necessary, I have to feed the animals, some of them I live on!

    Hey Gen, I love the busy days, keeps me from feeling like I should be doing something! LOL

  5. Love the pics...kind of reminds me the time I lived by a lake. When I would sit down a particular white goose would come and sit upon my shoulders and would chase away anyone that came close to us...funny times!


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