Saturday, July 11, 2009

Those darn cats

You guys remember my farm cat, Yoda? One of the 2 I bottle fed thru last winter, one of the coffee plant killers? He's now around 9 months old and quite an attention hound. He's a real companion cat, loves attention and often lounges on the couch, usually wallowed half on you. Today has been filled with thunderstorms so it's been kind of a lazy day. Yoda came in around 5:30 while I was making pizza. Our evening entertainment is the animated film, Ice Age along with Ice Age 2. Yoda slept thru the first one on the couch. When we put the second movie in, e had to watch the animated short with Scrat the squirrel. Yoda suddenly came alive, dashed to the TV and sat down staring intently. He made a few attempts to catch Scrat and even tried to catch the acorns during the credits. No I'm sue he isn't the first cat to do this but it's the first time one of our cats has done this and it's very entertaining. He was actually watching TV.

BTW, the pizza was all home grown, dough, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, sausage and the cheese......


  1. They are soooo funny when they do this! Never know what they may find to attack on ther screen!

  2. Love it!! Gumpy Unk and I had a cat who would sit on top of the TV at bat at dogs at the Westminster Dog show. Only show he cared about! Cracked us up!


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