Thursday, July 23, 2009

A sunny day in more than one way

Whew, the comp check came in! Talk about relief, all the dang bills are paid! Geez, I hate that feeling, unpaid bills. We live beholden to no one and to have something hanging over your head unpaid, well frankly, it's nerve frazzling to me.

I spent part of the morning out on my blackberry route and picked another 2 gallons. I think I'm going to try to make a recipe I read over at Herbal Mommas blog. Herbal Momma used raspberries, I hope it works with blackberries too! The rest will go to make more jam.

Now that the bills are all caught up, maybe I can get the back side of the chicken house finished and the haybine fixed! The lawn mower is broke, it needs 2 hubs for the blades and by the time I get it fixed, I'll be able to bale the front yard! So, haybine first, just in case!

All the animals are doing fine, one of the rabbits has the ear canker but a good dose of mineral oil today and it should clear right up. I got 6 ready to butcher, maybe this weekend if the weather holds nice.

Garden is doing great, I should have my first batch of tomatoes ready to make spagetti sauce this weekend as well. I am looking forward to that.

So, it's business as usual here with a little less stress.......


  1. I love using blackberries for a natural blackberry dark chocolate chip whole wheat muffin recipe. They're yummy. Yours look scrumptuous.

  2. Yippee! More berry recipes! And how in the wild west do you have the energy and hours in a day to do all you do, Ms mmpaints??? Like mega doses of B-12?? Whatever it is I wanna try it! And thankyou so much for the whole wheat recipe thru Crazy Uncle!! Keep em coming!


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