Friday, July 31, 2009

The sun after the storm

It poured rain all day yesterday. Of course, it's filling my root cellar hole with water. I guess I should have consulted the Farmers Almanac ahead of time and I would have known this wasn't a good time to dig a hole! It's gonna rain Tuesday thru Saturday of next week! LOL, oh well, we'll deal with it.

Every day a new sunflower blooms. Now that the orchard is completely wiped out and all the trees removed, it's kind of bare out there. I look forward to planting new trees in the spring and getting them done correctly.

I took the seeds from my jam making out and spread them out along the front fence line. Hopefully I'll get a stand of blackberry growing out there. It'll be a double duty stand of blackberries, food for our family and home protection for the farm. Won't be anybody coming thru that fence line, I'm still picking thorns from my arms just from berry picking!

Going to bake some fresh bread today plus 2 more pound cakes for the freezer, gotta use up those eggs a little quicker. Maybe I should hang a sign out and pick up a couple egg customers?

Once again, dp from New Kentucky Homestead is my hero for the day. He posted a link in comments everyone should read. It's an ingredient list of how manufacturers hide MSG in food. You're going to be amazed... this is the link-Truth in Labeling.

I see that the MSM is tying to pull more wool over our eyes by saying the Recession Eases, even if the economy contracts less that predicted, it still contracted! Duh, how does that calculate into the end of a Recession???? Smoke and mirrors, frankly it's all bullshit just like the unemployment figures. The continuing unemployment numbers are going down because people are exhausting their benefits! It's not a good indicator of real employment across the country. How many people still are out of work now without government benefit checks? The government isn't counting those people.... I wonder why????

Well, once again I'm going to tell you all to work on becoming more self sustained. I know, you must be getting tired of hearing me say that but it's really a geat thing. Not only is the food awesome but the feeling of freedom it gives you is almost overwhelming. The time it frees up from not having to go to the store and the money you save from not going to that store....... well, you know the rest!


  1. Quack, quack...think I'm gonna turn into a duck! It rained here yeasterday and today and it will again tommorow. blah....I see that my neighbors potatoes seem to have the blight. I'm glad that this isn't the year where I die if my garden doesn't produce.

  2. That Farmer's Almanac is a wonderous source of good information. A thousand times better than the MSM!!! Send me some rain, even the weeds are dieing here... Twelve inches behind and counting...

  3. Pretty sunflower pic! Hey, do you think it was a stand of black raspberries you found, and not blackberries? I'm just amazed, 'cuz my blackberries aren't even RED yet (red first, then black) and we're up near Chicago. The red and black raspberries have been producing lately, though. Just wondering....Either way, they're yummy and you're right---they'll make a GREAT hedge! You can keep reminding us to keep on prepping! We need to do it now more than ever! Take care!

  4. HP, I hear that! We've kind of felt like ducks all year too.
    Mayberry, wish I could send you some rain. I know how tough it is to be so dang dry.

    Hey Gen! Yep, they're blackberies. Gramps had Raspberries in Lyons when I was growing up, I remember them well. Much different taste than a blackberry. Hang in there, your's will ripen soon!

  5. Wow! What a difference a few hours farther south makes! Well, that's fabulous for you! Everytime you mention them, I run outside to check mine, but they're still white! I'll keep waiting! :-) BTW, let us know how your hedgerow turns out. I'll definitely expand my bunch of blackberries that way if it works well for you!

  6. I couldn't agree more that we should all strive for self-sufficiency. I've been blogging about that for years. I just wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my blog and see how I'm working on that.

  7. I haven't seen any new posting for a while so I was getting worried about you. Everything on the farm still alright?

    I was wondering is you also had bees?

  8. Oh T Rex Mom! Thank you for asking, I had computer troubles! Everything is just fine here on the farm...

    No, I don't keep bees here, I am allergic to bee venom. I get my honey from a local source, a farm in rural Pittsburg, Illinois. About 15 miles south of me.

  9. My husband is one of those unemployed, but there is no unemployment check for us.

    We are trying to be more self much as we are allowed. We live in a rental home in a city that does not allow livestock of ANY KIND! I do have my veggie and herbal gardens in both the front and back yard, clothesline that I use exclusively, and I'm now collecting oil lamps (they are pretty AND save on electricity). Every little bit helps.

  10. NeeCee, hang in there. I know how it is, I've lived in the city too. It sounds like you're doing well with the garden tho, excellent! I love oil lamps too! You're right, every little tiny bit helps. What about a co-op for rabbits or chickens with a friend close by that has more freedom for animals? Just a thought. Way to go with the clothesline!


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