Friday, July 10, 2009

Private farm-self sustained living

This is a private farm. I live here and work the land, planting, tending and harvesting for my own benefit. This is how I eat. I grow grain crops to feed the animals I raise here, most are born right here on the farm. Some years are not as good as others(this one for instance) but the good years crops held in reserve help me make it thru the bad years.

One of the major things I do to keep my gardens going is to catch rain water. The rain water is free and it's so much better for the garden than "treated and chlorinated" water you have to pay for.

I grow my food without pesticides and without chemical fertilizers. My animals are antibiotic and steroid free. How much healthier and ecologically friendly can you get?

Nothing gets in my craw more than my own government telling me I am incapable of handling nature properly. Incapable of providing myself healthy, disease free food. So, people we've voted into office that have never owned a single cow or any other livestock, never grown a garden or eaten anything that didn't come from a store, think they know better than I do what's "good for me". So, you say "Kat, what are you talking about?" Read this little tidbit and it will become more clear....

Clean Water Restoration Act, Food safety bills

For example, the Clean Water Restoration Act (S.787) now before congress would give the feds control of all water (including rainwater) in the United States; its purpose being to skirt two solid Supreme Court rulings that told the feds they had regulatory jurisdictional only over the navigable waters of the U.S.--the way congress intended the initial Clean Water Act to work, and through which the U.S. agriculture and environmental communities have worked comfortably over the last 30 years.

What other words besides regulatory enslavement describe NAIS-imposed controls on ranchers, farmers, and livestock owners that define work they must perform and computer entries they must record daily under threat of penalties as high as $500,000 and ten years in prison for mere infractions?

USDA lists 33 NAIS ‘species’ for possible disease communication like TB (of which people are major carriers) that must be tracked under a WTO NAIS system. If the original NAIS program is killed by congress, then the tracking of these livestock can easily be folded into the “food safety” bills now working their way through congress.

American ranchers and farmers have heard the ‘white-shirted’ USDA posturings on “. . .safe food, traceability, world trade, and pandemic fears. . ."--flawed issues all in desperate need of factual debate, promised transparency, and rejection; that reek of regulatory enslavement for every independent family farm, ranch, and livestock operation in America.

NAIS wording and other stringent regulatory proposals are also camouflaged in H.R. 875--Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, H.R.759 --Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009, H.R.. 814 --Tracing and Recalling Contamination Act of 2009, H.R. 1332-- Safe FEAST Act of 2009, S.425-- Food Safety and Tracking Improvement Act, and S. 510--Food Safety and Modernization Act.

Of these bills, H.R. 814 with broad government code words like “non-specific” “all foods” “transport of all foods” holds the most potential for a like-it-or-not revival of NAIS.

If passed, these bills will straight-jacket America’s farmers, ranchers, and livestock owners; threatening their lives and all they hold dear with fines and imprisonment if they do not obey; forcing them to become 21st century sharecroppers on their own land.

So, while the rest of the country is wrapped up with the "cap & trade","national health care" and "mandatory swine flu vaccinations" stupidity, the evil that is congress is end running your food supply.

It seems to me that the Dept of Homeland Security needs to re-evaluate their definition of "domestic terrorist". It is apparent to me that Congress is full of the only terrorists I'm worried about..........


  1. Looks like the senate has postponed cap and trade till this fall. Good news I guess. More time to defeat the bill.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Big government = big trouble. I prefer to be left alone (I fit in well in Idaho).

  3. This stuff will never end until or unless there is grid-lock in the congress. No one party should control it all like they do now, we're kinda at their mercy. People, please vote next time and think about what you're voting for! Bad times ahead for us I suspect...

  4. Should any of this nonsense come to pass, I suspect there will be a huge "problem" of non compliance. At least I would hope so.....


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