Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictures I promised

I hope everyone had a pleasant Independence Day? Mine was.... well, never mind, I'm still angry about it. Anyway, it rained this morning adding some much needed moisture to the gardens. As funky as this year has been, I'm pleased with what's still going strong and the rest that is now coming on.

The pump for the milking machine is tore up so I'm helping milk one cow at a time with the fair milker. It's working out just fine but it takes much longer of course. My farming pal has lent me the use of her wash machine while we're milking. So at least the laundry is getting done whilst I work on getting my washer repaired, again. Things just aren't made like they used to be. I hate paying so much money for an appliance that is designed to be a throw away after a few years. That's not good for the consumer at all.

A little happiness tho, the beans and cantalopes are flowering out nicely. The added fertilizer should help as well. I got it laid out there just in time and I have another pile of it ready to be spread.

Since it's been overcast and sprinkling rain today, I did some cooking and used up the last of the home butchered beef. Time to think about another steer....


  1. I think I read in the last post that you use your chicken manure fresh, uncomposted? Doesn't it burn your plants? Just wondering, because I've never used mine that way but it would be much easier if I could. Thanks!

  2. Hey Gen, there might have been some fresh in there, the chickens free range here but the majority of it has been on the barn floor all year. I just took the opportunity with having the straw, to rake it all up with the bunny poo and spread it. The rotary combine makes such a mess of the straw and I just hate to waste it all. I did actually shovel some bunny out into it to make the mix better but the chicken was just what was there to start with.


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