Saturday, July 25, 2009

Next on the list-self sustained living

Today was the "next on the list" day. Working on finishing up little odds and ends around the place that benefit our lifestyle. The day started out with some nasty, stormy weather and cleared up to be party sunny and sticky humid. I've never minded the heat at all but the 85% humidity is horrible. Did some rearranging in the pantry and an inventory, ground up the corn for the week, cleaned up the mess in the barn from the boy and his friends playing and butchered the 6 young rabbits. The remainder of the day I loafed in the coolness of the house and read some on cheese making and gardening. I'm fond of the Hobby Farms and Grit magazines. I like reading about what other homesteaders do. Sometimes I get ideas for things I'd like to try, sometimes I learn about things that don't work too. Always a good read tho.

The kittens still in the house are getting big enough to cause trouble. They can now climb on the planter shelves and have knocked a few plants off. They're leaving me packages on the floor too. They're just like babies, they just can't make it to the box every time. How sweet, not. They pulled my digital camera off the computer desk, the strap was hanging over, and it broke when it hit the floor. My number one helper( my son) managed to put it back together and it appears to be working for now. Just what I needed as I sure can't afford to replace it. It's an 8 yr old Kodak but it's still a nice camera.

Scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast for the next few days along with more hot and humid weather. I'm trying to talk myself into getting after the repairs needed on that haybine, I've got all the parts I think I need now sitting there, waiting on me. Ah, maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Like Miss Scarlett O'Hara said " Tomorrow is another day!"

    Sounds to me like you've been pretty busy!


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