Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My favorite part of self sustained living

Yep, you guessed it, I'm talking about growing coffee! I'm a coffee drinker, every day and multiple pots. When I was younger, I did like most people, bought coffee in a tin can or now they come in plastic tubs. I never knew that the coffee inside was such poor quality until I had a cup of fresh ground real coffee. That hooked me. I was forever on the hunt for good quality coffee beans. Then I learned I could grow my own. Oh, Heaven now! Life just became so much better! I planted my beans and tried to wait patiently for them to sprout(it takes a looooong time compared to garden vege seeds) pampered them, primped over them, meticulously fertilized them and then the miracle happened... the plant flowered! Then the beans started to form and I've got home grown coffee! Year after year, pampering them, gently cleaning the leaves, more meticulous fertilizing and more beans. I'm a very happy camper. Of course, learning to roast had it's good and bad batches until I got it mastered and had consistent results to my satisfaction. It's a learning curve like any new skill. I'm glad I went on the adventure.

As I talked about before, I had to start new coffee plants this year due to a couple of bad(very bad) kittens dirty little misdeeds. The plants are doing well and are just about ready to be seperated into their buckets to continue growing into coffee producers. I may even start another round of seed.

What got me on this kick to talk about coffee was because of dp over at the New Kentucky Homestead. dp posted about roasting and brewing whole "green" coffee beans. He's also posted a couple great links to buy coffee beans. The post is awesome, he takes you step by step thru his process along with how he brews in his Aeropress. I use a french press quite a bit, very similar to what he's got. Check it out, you'll like it and maybe it will make you want to buy some beans and try roasting yourself some! You'll be hooked if you do, you'll never go back to coffee in a can.


  1. That is great. Do you have to grow a whole lot of it?

  2. Thanks to you, I have my coffee plants growing now! Mine look a bit bigger than that, but they are in the same pot I got them in...there are several stalks in the pot. Should I seperate them or not?

  3. Hey Moon! That depends on ho much coffee you want to produce. You'll get around a lb or so from each plant when they are mature.

    HP, mine are just babies, around 2 months old I think, have to check for sure, LOL. Still a long way from bearing fruit. I will put mine into buckets when I've got more than 2 full sets of leaves. They get big so their own pots is a good idea.

  4. Hey there! I don't post but I follow your's & other preppers blogs daily. I was hoping you could help me or direct me to someone that could, about a large mushroom I found on the stump of a maple tree we cut down last year. It's not a sheeps head because it's on a maple, not an oak. I pulled up images online but nothing looks similar. I could send you a picture through e-mail if you'd like to take a look or if you know if a mushroom growing on a maple tree stump is edible. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Stacey SWPA

  5. Stacey, it could be an "artists conk", send a pic and I'll try to figure it out for you. If I can't, I'll post it here and someone should know what it is.

  6. I just enjoyed some great coffee this morning! I want to know more about growing my own coffee. That's something I'd like to have a go at. You've inspired me to find out more and embark on a coffee-growing endeavor!


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