Friday, July 17, 2009

Farm Breakfast- self sustained living style

It's breakfast in style this morning. Yesterday I sweated my hind end off and got in a waist deep patch of poison ivy to pick more blackberries. It's worth the effort, to me anyway. Another gallon of berries to add to the 2 already in the fridge. All washed and run thru the food mill so I can have seedless jam. Simple process, 9 cups of mashed berries with 6 cups of sugar, bring slowly to a boil then cook rapidly to gel point and I've got 8, 1/2 pint jars of jam plus another half jar to eat right away. Which, of course, I munched on with breakfast this morning!

Breakfast here is always worth eating. Fresh, home baked bread every day with farm fresh laid eggs, fresh butter or if you prefer, apple butter or now blackberry jam, fresh milk, home grown coffee. Also, if you'd like, this can all be cooked over an open fire in the quiet of the morning. This morning I made a tomato, basil and onion egg dish, all fresh from the garden.

How good is that? Now this is living!


  1. That looks good MM I'm sure it was delicious.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. darlin you live in Heaven!!!

    and don't be surprised if i show up at your door one morning when the sun is just coming up asking for fresh eggs, blackberry jam and some of that home-grown coffee!

    and no worries - i'll work for my breakfast! i'll pull weeds in your garden. or bale hay. or feed the animals. or clean out stalls. but wait a second....if i do all that i should get some lunch too!!!

    glad to hear that everything is well with you friend...stay strong girl!

  3. Oh Matt, it is good! Wish you could see the ear to ear grin I'm wearing!

    Hey Kym, yup, it's Heaven. At least I think so anyway! ;) I got smoked ham for lunch....

  4. Yum! I can't wait till the blackberries are ready here...about another 3 weeks I'm thinking.

  5. Making my mouth water MM.

    Looking forward to the blackberry season here more than ever now!

  6. I've been hankering for a tomato but ours are weeks away from being ready. I'm envious that you;re eating them already. I hope our garden survives until then with the grasshoppers out in abundance this year. It has been a tough year on gardens in Wyoming because of the late frosts, hail, and now grasshoppers. As for blackberries, ours come frozen from the store. I have picked chokecherries and buffalo berries in the wild. I love blackberries though. You are blessed.


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