Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Cool Sunday

A beautiful day, nice and cool for the season. Never got over 70! First thing, I took the tractor up the road a few miles with the baler for a neighbor to use. Then, I should have worked on the haybine but I went blackberry picking instead. Took the hubby with me and we picked a 3 gallon bucket full. Got home right before dark, picked up all the fresh chicken eggs and hit the house for berry mashing. Got em all washed and mashed, another batch of seedless jam on the counter cooling off. I've still got a gallon of pulp in the fridge for tomorrow evening after we pick up the 500 bales of hay that will be on the ground early tomorrow afternoon.

Still waiting on the tomato crop to be ripe in bulk for the sauce canning day. 10 or 12 at a time isn't cutting it. Another week or so and I should be good to go there. I checked the cantalopes today and there's several out there and all the plants are flowering. The sunflowers are making heads and the beans look great. I've also got cucumbers everywhere. That's a good thing tho, I love my cucumbers!


  1. Its been nice and cool here too. It could stay like this and I wouldn't complain. Our poor garden. Tomatoes were a loss. Weeds got too thick in there and the ones we did get were hard as rocks. I am getting some canteloupe and watermelon. Cucumber vines look good but no cucumbers yet. Hopefully next year will be better. I was hoping to do spaghetti sauce this year.

    Take care,

  2. These July temps are great. Better than being super hot!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  3. Sounds like you're garden's doing great! You sure stay busy and productive! My brother notified me of a huge blackberry patch near him, so I'm going picking today to supplement the small amount we get from our personal blackberries.


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