Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy as usual

Well, it's raining again. Not that we couldn't use some rain for the garden, nothing better than rain water anyway. It just gives me some time in the kitchen. I made a stew for supper with stuff from the garden along with the last of the stew meat from the cow. While that was in the crock pot, I baked 3 loaves of bread and made a wheel of Colby cheese. On top of all that, I whipped up some cookie dough for the sweet stuff. My hubby found a few yummies I missed in the garden too. Don't know how I missed em but I did ;) The ham is what's for supper tonite, home butchered and being hickory smoked right now. Hubby is personally tending it, fussing over it so it finishes perfect.

The garden is finally producing enough for us to eat fresh every day plus food storage for the winter. Exciting time for me, even if it keeps me constantly in the kitchen.

I've been reading the news again, it appears that Congress is at it again. The FOXnews story on the Health Bill and a link at where you can read the 1018 page pdf file outlining what our government intends to force on us. The introduction scares me. It says "To provide affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans and reduce the growth in healthcare
spending, and for other purposes."
What other purposes????

Okay, here's a simple question...... last job change we got the madatory letter from the company insurance to extend coverage at a cost of $1100 a month for our family of 4. So, how does this new Universal Health Care reimbursment work? I pay the $1100 every month and the government is going to send me a check for the entire amount every month? First off, where am I going to get the money... Second, where's the government going to get the money??? Here's where they're going to get it! Read this......

The House Democrats released their long-awaited draft health care reform bill today, and every rumor about what tax hikes would be included was true--and then some. My friend Ryan Ellis over at Americans for Tax Reform posted the details.

The big shocker is that the surtax on high-income earners, including small businesses, is much steeper than the rumored 3 percent that I talked about in my podcast yesterday. Instead it's 5.4 percent. Not of taxable income, mind you, but of adjusted gross income. That means the tax applies to income that was spent on home mortgage interest, medical expenses, property taxes, charitable contributions, and nearly everything else currently deducted from taxable income.

Hmmm, do you feel threatened yet? I do........


  1. That's one handsome ham there MM! Cut me off a hunk with a slice of that bread?

  2. All your food looks fabulous! And, yes, I am definitely feeling threatened!


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