Monday, July 13, 2009

Blackberry Time-self sustained living

Aw, yummie blackberries! This is just about my single most favorite time of year here in southern Illinois. The blackberries are coming ripe! I gladly endure the chiggers, the ticks, the skeeters, the tall grass and the sticker bushes to harvest blackberries. I have a hard time getting the first 4 or 5 dozen berries in the bucket, they just keep falling in my mouth! Now that I have a puple tounge and purple fingers, I got myself 2 gallon pails full this afternoon. Got home just in time to help with the milking so I could keep some back to make cheese. Yah, I know I said I wasn't going to make any cheese until around September, but I'm out so make some I must.

I am a dingleberry big time today. I did not put the rain barrel back corectly and missed out on the rain off the house roof from yesterday and last night. What a dummie I am. I did get 150 gallons off the barn roof tho so not a total loss. The house barrel is now in place for the next round of rain coming in.

Oh, I didn't tells ya's, I got the chicken pen almost done. Everything but the top wie and the door. I've got 2 bales of straw in the pen doorway and it's working for mow but sooner or later the chicks will learn to jump or fly up over them. Hopefully next week I can get the door done and I'll take pictures.

Oh, also, a member of the US Sentate visited my blog to read the Private Farm-Self Sustained Living post. They found my site from Open where it seems a link to my post has been picked up. Welcome members of the US Senate, I hope you've learned some perspective from your visit here.
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  1. Those blackberries look scrumptuous!

  2. 2 gallons of blackberries! Yum! Ours aren't ripe yet (Northern IL), but should be soon. I've never gotten 2 gallons full at a time, though. Wow!! Interesting about the visitor from the senate office. Hmmmmm......

  3. OOOeee! It is a lovely day when you can load up on berries! What are yu going to do with them? Have any favorite recipes you want to share?? Grumpy uncle planted THORNLESS blackberries a few years ago and we love em. They are too too tart to just pop in your mouth like wild ones but no scratches and you can wear shorts and sleeveless tops to pick em!! I'm blogging about my berries today too! Join me! have a great one!

  4. Yummeh! mmmm-mmm good! ours should be ripening soon! yours look fantastic!

    as for your interesting visitors - i am Canadian so can't suffer any backlash -
    EFF OFF!

    (they can't label canadians as domestic terrorists can they? or jail me? uh oh - now i am scared!)

  5. Can you can these berries is a syrup of some sort? I'm just getting into canning & I want to try everything! Do they freeze well? Stacey SW, PA

  6. Hi Stacey, actually they do freeze well and I don't see why you couldn't make a syrup with them, I make a seedless jam out of them and can it all.

    LOLs Kymber, I say the same to them, they are all domestic terrorists. Git to pickin now, don't let anybody beat ya to em!

    Queen, I'll email ya's when I get the batch done...

    Hey Gen, hey Moon, the berries are sweet/tart, they're just perfect!


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