Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another good point for living self sustained

You know how I'm always talking about how much healthier growing food for yourself is? How much better it tastes and such? How I'm always saying chemicals and preservatives are bad? Here's more to support my views, this come from Johns Hopkins University. The surprising ingredient causing weight gain.....MSG folks, that's right, monosodium glutamate. It's tasteless, colorless and is what causes you to eat the entire bag of potato chips and then gives you the urge to open another bag. It has no nutritional value at all, just wicked side effects. I personally rank it right with aspertame on my list of evil substances.

"The study focused on 750 Chinese men and women, ages 40-59, living in 3 rural villages in north and south China. Most of the study subjects prepared their meals at home without commercially processed foods and roughly 82 percent used MSG. Those participants who used the highest amounts of MSG had nearly 3 times the incidence of overweight as those who did not use MSG, even when physical activity, total caloric intake, and other possible explanations for body mass differences were accounted for. The positive correlation between MSG and higher weight confirmed what animal studies have been suggesting for years."

Wanna know why Americans are the most obese people in the world? It's the crap we eat! Commercially produced food filled with chemicals and we consume millions of tonnes of it a year. It's in everything you buy from the store, everything.

Want to lose some weight? Stop drinking soda and start preparing your own food at home instead of eating out every day. You'll not only have more money in your pocket, you'll feel better, look better, have more energy and not be sick from every little bug that blows by.


  1. MSG will light up my wife's migraines in a heartbeat. Nasty stuff.

  2. I hear that Unk! Does it to my Mom the same way. I've seen how wicked MSG is first hand.

  3. It's something we seldom think about until it's almost too late!

    Hell, the taste alone is reason enough to grow your own and eat at my opinion!

  4. MSG shows up in processed food under several different names.

  5. Interesting article and study! Someone offered hubby some beef jerky once, and he checked the label to make sure there was no msg in it. The guy who offered it to him said that his mom had a big can of the stuff at home that she cooked with! Yuck!!


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