Friday, June 26, 2009

Side Effects of Gardening

I borrowed the picture from To help with my story on the side effects of gardening. Just too funny to pass up. Stoned Wallabies make crop circles........

After some malfunctions with the haybine(adjustments and belt breaking), I got the last of my first cut of hay down. I have some things to do today off farm but I should have it raked by this evening. It's pretty thick so I may have to rake it again before I bale in tomorrow.

The gardens here are doing well other than needing a bit of weeding. The tomato plants in the mineral tub are needing watered twice a day now and are covered with tomatoes. Even the corn is looking better.


  1. lol I saw that post about the Stoned Wallabies. That's hilarious. Glad to hear things are good on the home front. Hope to see you tomorrow MM!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Stoned odn't hear that too often. I used to own a wallaby. She was a skittish yet sweet little thing.


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