Monday, June 8, 2009

Self Sustained Living- eating with what you grow

I thought maybe you all would like an example of a nice meal made with things you grow. Now, I didn't make the noodles, I bartered a dozen eggs for a bag of vege rotinis with a neighbor that makes them. Everything else was produced on my own farm.

Last night I caught up 6 young chickens I raised and butchered them this morning. I don't pluck feathers here, too messy. I just skin my chickens and cut the meat off the carcass and throw the rest- well, you don't really want to know.... Anyway, I have my chicken in a bowl of ice in the fridge for half the day and then I just cook it in a fry pan with some water and some herbs I also grew. When the chicken is done, I simply cut my pieces into small chunks and set them aside while I finish my noodles. I put parsley, dried red bell pepper, minced onion, basil, oregano, minced garlic, some salt, a dash of pepper and a bit of olive oil into a bowl, mix it together and toss my noodles in my seasoning. I add my chicken and some grated home made cheese to it and it's ready to eat.

So, basically, I just showed you how to make yourself a nice pasta salad just like what you would buy in a box from the grocery store without the ferous sulphate, mononitrate, matodextrin, MSG, partially hydrogenated oil, calcium stearate, hyrolyzed corn proteins or any of the growth hormones and antibiotics commercial chicken has in it. Yum, that stuff all sounds so good, doesn't it? Thanks but no thanks! Living self sustained, growing the things that you eat doesn't mean you can't eat all the things you love to eat. You just don't buy them from a store. You are also eating so much healthier without all those chemical preservatives and additives. Think of the money you just saved too.


  1. Great post MM. A good example of eating what you grow. Pasta looks great!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. It looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us.


  3. What time is dinner tomorrow? I woud be happy to join you.

    Great post, and great chemical free food.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. MM - i couldn't agree more! as we are city dwellers and can only grow so much food on our plot of land (3 times as much this year as last year - *fingers crossed*) - we try throughout the year to eat organic, pesticide-free locally grown food. we are really trying to learn to eat locally and seasonally...but for several months of the year we are able to eat right out of our yard and thoroughly enjoy it! thanks for sharing the pic of your pasta...i'm with Did it My way - what time should we all show up for dinner?


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