Monday, June 1, 2009

The self sustained garden weed fight

Yep, it's a battle with the weeds. All the rain we've had has the grass and weeds out growing the good stuff. That's how it always goes here tho. If it's important, it'll die on you and if it worthless, it flourishes! Hahahaha I found a good use for all those 30 pack beer boxes, I split em open and laid them down so I wouldn't sink in the mud and they're doing multi-duty, keeping the weeds and grass from resprouting, holding the moisture in between the rows, keeping new weeds from sprouting and will be good fertilizer when they rot! How can you beat that? Still have plenty more weeding to do...

Well, I got my baby girl graduated from high school this weekend, got her ride to school up to snuff and had a wonderful visit with my Mom and Dad who drove all the way down here from the Chicago area to see her graduate. I cried. Yep, I sure did. I sent home a few pounds of cheese for my brother who was working and couldn't come down. My baby girl started college today. I was too busy to cry tho. Got all the feeder calves dehorned, picked up a load of feed and made an albino wheel of garlic cheddar. What's albino cheese???? Hahahaha I'ts cheese that was supposed to be orange and I forgot to put the coloring in it! So, it's albino garlic cheddar. It'll eat just the same.

I tried to till the back garden up to plant some beans and another 6 or so rows of corn. Way too muddy still. With rain predicted for tomorrow night, I will give it another try in the am, hope I can make a little headway. This has been one wild spring.

I'm doing something different this coming weekend, I'm going to have a fella here learning how to make cheese. Friend of hubbys wants to learn. Should be interesting and fun!

Other than those few things, it's life as usual here, back to normal day to day life....


  1. Congrats on your daughter graduating. I just have to ask guys drink a lot of beer? lol It's not a bad idea though.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Thanks Matt, I'm so dang proud of her! LOL on the beer, I no longer indulge but I keep the ones hubby gets to start fires with. I've got a pretty good pile of them stored up over the years not doing anything so I put em to good use!

  3. After becoming a "Beer Snob" about 10 years ago I can't afford to come up with enough beer cartons to mulch with.

    But it's a great idea and is a great example of of using what you have to get a job done. I end up using beer cartons as tinder in the fire pit out back.

    I was planning to get out Wednesday and spread the leaves I collected last Fall on things. Everyone should collect leaves in the fall.

    PS- Your 1/2 wheel of cheese came today! It's in the fridge and will be taste tested tomorrow. Review to follow.

  4. We have had the same problem here. I should be out there now weeding before the humidity gets too bad. I like the carton idea. I should of try that once I get things under control.

    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. I know you must be so proud.


  5. What a great idea!

    Now I can quit throwing the dang things in the garbage!

  6. Congrats to your daughter MM - you must be soo proud!
    and that sure is a great idea with the beer boxes...we use cardboard under our tires for tire gardening but now i am going to start saving beer boxes and other thick boxes too!
    lastly - albino garlic cheese sounds delicious - i swear i am going to find a way to get to your doorstep to be able to sample your cheese!


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