Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain and surprise infections

Well, it rained overnight, this morning and again this afternoon, once again drowning us in rain. Even with spotty clouds in the evening skies, I can still hear thunder in the distance so more must be on the way. The bucket tomatoes are loving all the rain tho. Planted in a mineral tub, about the size of a wooden half barrel, there's half dollar tomatoes on the older plant and the 4 younger ones are starting to come on now. I am so very ready for some fresh tomatoes!

I had an interesting accident Sunday morning. One of the young tomcats I raised in the house last year jumped thru the kitchen window. Since I don't bend well first thing in the morning, I pinned him to the fridge with my leg. As I was working on picking him up, my old Momma cat decided she was going to kick that tomcats butt. She's feeling a bit territorial over the kitchen with her kittens just now starting to walk around. She baled on the tomcat only it wasn't the tom she landed on, it was my leg. All 4 claws and she even bit me! After it happened, I washed it and went on with my day. It got infected and is now swelled and very,very sore. I soaked it in epsom salts today and washed it out a couple times with peroxide. This is just the back claw damage, the bite and front claws came with a dandy bruise and was too gross to post. I so love cats......

I know you are all waiting for the wheat harvest, I am too. I have not even rounded up parts for the thresher yet or worked on my new harvesting tool. Been too rainy. Soon tho we'll be getting it harvested.


  1. We have had some pretty good storms around here. I never thought I would wish for a rainy day but its been so humid and suppose to hit 94 today.

    Nothing like getting into the middle of a cat fight. Please take care, those look painful.

    I figured it was getting close to harvest time. We have wheat in front of us and on the side of us. According to our landlord its not doing as well as he'd hoped.

    Take care,

  2. You keep a close eye on those wounds, MM. If you start seeing that redness spread to the surrounding area, get a red streak up your leg or start running a fever/chills get to a doctor. OK?

    We've been getting the same rain as you have. It's getting a bit depressing, too. Oh well, we gotta deal with it, I guess.

  3. OUCH. That looks rough MM. Hope it heals soon!

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  4. Agree with Grumpy. Cat wounds can be pretty touchy. A vet assistant that we loved at our vet's office quit after getting bit by a cat twice because she came close to having to have her finger amputated twice! Our cat almost died because he got bit by another cat and it got infected and wouldn't heal. Be real careful... ;)

  5. I hear yas, I'm watching it closely. The pressure is much less today but it's oozing. Hope it's from the epsom salt soak. Dang cat.

  6. keep up the epsom salt baths and washing with peroxide - but you already know these things!

    getting in the middle of a catfight is not pretty - i got in the middle of one a few years back and still have an arm full of horrible scars (looks like a wrestled a grizzly bear!) and almost lost my bottom lip!

    you take care of yourself girl ya hear!


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