Sunday, June 21, 2009

A look into our future??

I had to share this site I found. It's called Forgotten Michigan. It's photos of abandoned buildings, schools, churches, businesses all around the Detroit area. There's also a section of "other areas" including photos of Mike Tysons mansion. His swimming pool is growing green slime. That's not what bothered me tho, it's indoor and it's bigger than my front yard!

The photos on the site depressed me. I can't help but think if this is what economic recovery has in store for all of us, it's not a pleasant thought. Looking at those photos makes me want to go outside and plant something....


  1. Whoa, iron mike liked a little bling...

    Great photos that exemplify the boom to bust of the area, I too wonder if the implications of this finacial hiccup will produce similar pictures.

  2. My confidence in those in charge of our financial well being is at an all time low. I suspect any recovery will simply be a pause until the next fiasco arrives and somehow we'll be on the hook for that one too.

    I'm seeing more and more evidence that the more self reliant we are the more actual freedom we have. The more dependent we are on others, the more likely it will be us perching on our roof begging for help.

  3. Much agreed Mo. I feel self reliance is empowering.

  4. It is empowering. Becoming self reliant means you are free from government offices and paperwork, free from all those little hoops to be jumped thru etc. Just knowing you can ride out any "storm" and not have to sit in a shelter, not wait for "rescue"... priceless.

    The pictures on that website do not reflect a small portion of the country or an isolated incident, it's what's happened since last year and the beginning of this non-existent depression we're in. Failing to acknowledge that soaring fuel and food prices are not a contributor or failed and corrupt governmental entities haven't also promoted this downward turn is ridiculous. Things are NOT getting better.


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