Friday, June 19, 2009

Heat Advisory and chicken pen

Like an idiot, I'm out digging fence post holes by hand in the fist heat advisory-105 index- of the year. I really need to get that chicken pen done! The white hen hatched out 8 chicks and she's down to 2 left. I couldn't catch those chicks, she hatched out in the barn loft and I didn't want them to fall off the edge so I left them. Plus, another duck is sitting on 9 ducklings and 8 more eggs still under her. Some of the ducklings were still wet when I checked on her. The 2 banty hens have 15 eggs between them and should be hatching out in the next 4 days. Just in time for me to be in the hay field. So, I'm digging until I'm dripping wet, then standing in the fan-no AC- with a cold drink then digging again. I got one hole left to go, then the boards and stretch the wire.

The animals are all okay but they're hot. The sheep I should have butchered lays around and pants all day and the goats are complaining. Even the ducks are hiding under the horse trailer.

LOL, you guys didn't know I've got horses too, eh? Maybe some pictures of them soon.......


  1. It is hot outside. I just got back from swimming!

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  2. Freezing a few small bottles of water overnight and then placing them in the chicken house during the day will help cool the chickens, plus plenty of water. Horses need shade, and a small sprinkler set up where the goats & sheep can get to it will help them. Again, offer plenty of water. (You might find yourself hanging around the chickens or the sprinkler too:))

  3. The heat index has been up around 105 heat too. I've been fighting with DH to not over do it out in the yard. With MS, he doesn't do well in the heat. I need to be out cleaning out the shed so I can get ready for the chickens we're suppose to be getting but between the heat and the bee's, it ain't happening.

    Stay cool,


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